Get the Racing Feeling: Mini Mania Tuning kit for the new MINI Cooper S

March 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Nevada City, CA — Little Nevada City is the home of the premiere MINI Cooper tuner in the USA. Mini Mania has used 32 years of tuning & racing experience to create the ultimate performance tuning kit for the everyday MINI Cooper S owner. With the Stage 2 kit from Mini Mania the generation one MINI owner can experience higher performance than even available from the latest factory JCW kits. The 210+HP kit allows the owners of the first of the modern MINI to have unique performance at a fraction of the cost.

Mini Mania has the world’s largest selection of components to offer for fans of the entire Mini Cooper range of models. These include both performance and lifestyle products. A comprehensive, race proven range of brake kits and maintenance upgrades are as popular as the numerous suspension upgrades. These options can be ideally combined with numerous other features from the Mini Mania accessory range which equally enhance the car's sporting spirit. Mini Mania provides the ultimate opportunity to personalize the MINI Cooper in both looks and performance. Not only is the dynamic potential of the new MINI Cooper S increased but also its charismatic sporty appeal.

Racing expertise for more fun in everyday driving
The Mini Mania Stage 2 Kit for the MINI Cooper S includes components whose development is derived directly from expertise gained from motor racing. This most powerful version of the new Mini Mania kits thus carries on a tradition which dates back 32 years of racing success of the Classic and BMW MINI. The Mini Mania Stage 2 Kit for the MINI Cooper S consists of a sports exhaust system, a sports air filter and an electronic engine management system optimized for greater power efficiency and increased boost pressure. The resulting package fires the MINI Cooper S to new performance peaks and even greater driving fun with 210+ HP.

Perfect look for a sports vehicle
And the sporty look of the new MINI Cooper S can be further refined with the appropriate ingredients from the Mini Mania website. The sports suspension options not only ensures even more agile handling but can also lowers the suspension. In keeping with this, Mini Mania provides a range of aerodynamic body kits. Options include everything from performance air scoops and front and rear spoilers to complete body kits. Numerous wheel and tire selections fill out the potential upgrades. The perforated brake discs are also borrowed from classic racing technology. And finally, many equipment components made with carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic give the MINI a new visual kick. The high-tech Formula 1 material is used for various Mini Mania trim panels for the front air inlet, exterior mirrors and tailgate handle - not made exclusively for the MINI Cooper S but also available for other model variations of the new MINI generation.

The new MINI: individuality is the key focus
As the world leader in available options for the entire MINI Cooper range of products Mini Mania provides every conceivable look and feel that insures the ultimate in personalization. Whether it be the carbon fiber look or the chrome look you can find it on the Mini Mania Website. Cup holders, armrests and glove box organizers are just a few of the numerous convenience options available.
Even greater individuality is provided by additional headlamps and a wide range of roof decor variations. In addition to the popular designs "Union Jack" and "Chequered Flag" - which are also available for the mirror covers and door handle trim elements - the roof of the MINI can also be decorated with the MINI lettering or even the markings for a helicopter landing spot ("Heliport" motif). No matter whether sporty or practical: thanks to the extraordinary variety of the individualization options available, every MINI is one thing above all else: unique.