Etienne A. Gibbs Takes on Role as An Internet Safety Advocate and Educator

March 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
INVISUS Direct, of Orem, Utah, is proud to announce that Etienne A. Gibbs, of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands and currently residing in San Antonio, Texas, has been tapped to serve as an Independent Internet Security Advocate and Educator. After his computer was infected by a virus, spyware, or hacker, Mr. Gibbs teamed up with INVISUS Direct, a managed security services company, to protect his computer from further Internet attacks, risks, and threats.

After taking the free infection test and finding viruses, worms, and trojans on his computer despite the off-the-shelf measures he had in place, Mr. Gibbs became more determined than ever to educate others of the dangerous side of internet surfing.

Mr. Gibbs teamed up with INVISUS Direct because it offers the best form of protection available today that includes much more than just software. It is professional grade technology coupled with having a team of security experts available to help with any security problem. This level of protection has never been available for homes and small businesses until now. A free test is offered to see how if viruses, worms, trojans, and hackers are getting through to your computer.

Additionally, INVISUS provides a $25,000 Identity Theft Insurance package at no extra cost. No other security company offers such a comprehensive Identity Theft Insurance and Recovery package. Partnered with industry giant AIG to bring this incredible benefit to every subscriber, this policy covers the subscriber and their spouse, and includes any form of identity theft, not just online identity theft. The comprehensive coverage includes Identity Recovery Service, Identity restoration costs, Legal defense expenses, No Deductible, and Lost wages.

Major corporations and government agencies have been successfully waging the war against cybercrime by paying big money for professionally managed Internet security services. They spend millions every year for corporate grade security software and for trained security experts to manage their security for them.

A prolific writer, Mr. Gibbs' countless articles on internet scams, viruses, hacking threats, and other cybercrimes can be found published on websites, article directories, newsletters, and ezines across the internet. Many of his articles have been downloaded and translated into eight different languages.

Contact Etienne and take your free computer test at: