Canadian Remembrance day gets a new signature song and DVD donated to every school in the country

March 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Canadian Remembrance Day DVD donated to every school and student in Canada

Vancouver BC — 2 Canadian Forces wives have launched Canadaís first ever-international Adopt-a-Soldier program for all Canadian Forces members stationed overseas next X-mas. Founders Natascha McKay and Louise Morris came up with the idea and along with press liaison Angeie Zueber are creating and sending 3700 "shoeboxes" of gifts to be sent to every Canadian Forces Member stationed overseas this X-mas.

In this day and age the members of our armed forces need support from home more than ever
The first to donate to this worthy cause are Canadian Music Superstars Bare Naked Ladies, the Ladies new project The Creeghan Brothers and Canadian Recording artist Shawn Hlookoff . Each have donated 3700 copies of their CDís to be part of the "Shoebox."

"In this day and age the members of our armed forces need support from home more than ever" says Natascha McKay. "X-mas time is a particularly lonely time if youíre stationed in Afghanistan, Africa or any number of remote international locations. We felt that a gift box from the Canadian people to each of these 3700 members of the armed forces would bring them both comfort and a touch of Canada."

Bare Naked Ladies answer the call, other artists and corporations sign up and the phone rings off the hook.

Steven Paige of BNL called us after hearing about the unique program and pledged 3700 BNL CDís. At the same time, Vancouver recording artist Shawn Hlookoff had written a song "Soldier" which had been found through an Internet connection. "Soldier is a perfect tribute song that touches the heart and soul of the Canadian forces member stationed overseas and their families left behind, the song sent shivers up my spine," states the founder.

The entire organization and movement was started and run with no outside funding or government support yet. In the past 3 weeks media support in particular, along with word of mouth on the net has kept the phone ringing constantly off the hook at their home offices. Major corporations along with other donators are now stepping forward.

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