New Coastal Vacations Scam Uncovered By Coastal Vacations Ombudsman Dean Marino

March 16, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Coastal Vacations ombudsman Dean Marino continues to look out for consumers who would otherwise become scam victims if they did not have access to his valuable teachings. The newest scam that has come to Marino's attention involves unscrupulous Coastal Vacations scammers who convince unknowing prospects that they can join with them and later become a member of the most successful group in the Coastal Vacations program for a nominal fee.

Scam victims have been reporting the new scam to Marino in increasing numbers and he is concerned.

Some new scammers have been so unsuccessful selling people their failed sales system, that they must tell outright lies to get people to join and fail with that system. It is well known that the sales system offered by the Coastal Vacations Sales Center in Tempe Arizona made them the largest, most successful, and fastest growing group in the 12-year-old Coastal Vacations program.

Most people want to be successful rather than be part of a system that has led to failure and no profits for 95% of the people who utilize that system. Scammers know that too. They prey on those looking for a deal. They prey on those having financial difficulties and thus unable to get started with the top Coastal Vacations group. They prey on those looking for some sort of secret passage way into the group that has helped Coastal Vacations more than double their membership since they rolled out their ultra-successful business model just 2 tears ago.

Marino has been vigilant in warning the public about such scams in hopes that exposing the scams will make life harder for the scammers and better for the consumer. Marino feels an educated consumer is much less likely to become a scam victim. Over the years, Marino has exposed various scams that have cost consumers thousand of dollars.

The California based Coastal Vacations conference call host has taken on the consumer advocate role in hopes of reducing the number of Coastal Vacations scam victims and preserving the Coastal Vacations business for ethical entrepreneurs.

Marino is a highly respected level 3 Coastal Vacations Director who conducts training and hosts conference calls for the most successful group in the Coastal Vacations program. His Coastal Vacations Sales Center group is the largest reseller of Coastal Vacations travel products worldwide.

Marino explained that any legitimate member of the Coastal Vacations Sales Center would have a potential member call the Coastal Vacations Sales Center offices in Tempe Arizona to get the real scoop on what is true and what is not. If a new member is paying by credit card, an account executive at the Coastal Vacations Sales Center will process it for them. If a new member is paying by check or wiring money the funds will be sent to Secure Business Solutions in Tempe Arizona.

There is no reason for a legitimate member of the Coastal Vacations Sales Center to prevent any new member from calling the Coastal Vacations Sales Center directly. The profit earned by the Coastal Vacations Sales Center member is the same no matter who accepts the payment. Anyone who is told something different is a potential scam victim.

The only way for potential scam victims to be sure they are joining with Coastal Vacations' top group and the most successful Coastal Vacations business model is to talk directly with an account executive in Tempe Arizona.

It can be confusing. Marino admits that others have seen the remarkable success the Coastal Vacations Sales Center has had and have tried to sound like they offer similar services in hopes of scamming consumers into joining with them. Many of the copy cats were on the run and have now gone out of business. However, Marino warns that others have taken their place.

Some are fooled into joining with these unsuccessful groups. No one but the Coastal Vacations Sales Center has the infrastructure—-an office, state-of-the-art phone system, computers, servers, and a professional and friendly full time staff. No one else provides massive training support including video, audio, text based manuals, and live training.

The Coastal Vacations Sales Center offers not only the most successful business model, but also a state-of-the-art website as well as live and recorded Q&A conference calls that present and explain the products and the ultra-successful business model.

Marino hopes that exposing this scam will prevent others from suffering the same heartbreak and loss of money that the scam victims have suffered.

To help consumers get the real scoop, Marino is offering his detailed report about achieving Coastal Vacations success without charge. Consumers will also get a free vacation voucher just for the asking when they visit WWW.COASTALPASSIVEINCOME.COM .