"Reverta" Announces Their Recent Opening of its Online Store for Rosacea, Body Acne and Youthful Skin

March 22, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Reverta, an all-natural skin care company, announces their recent grand opening of its online store (http://www.reverta.com). Reverta specializes in all natural treatments for the preservation of youthful skin, body acne and rosacea, a skin condition that affects millions of adults worldwide.

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes a persistent redness of the face. If not treated, over time, the condition becomes progressively worse. There is currently no cure for rosacea. Reverta’s focus on rosacea did not occur by accident. Its founders both have rosacea and while competition in the rosacea market is fierce, they feel that there is room for a highly specialized, non-invasive, all-natural rosacea product.

“People with rosacea need to treat their faces daily to keep their rosacea under control. After spending both time and money going to the dermatologist and using chemical based prescription solutions with little result, we began to seek out all natural alternatives. Too many of these alternative treatments use large amounts of preservatives, which are simply not good for rosacea skin. In addition, many companies force customers to buy expensive combos of their products”. Using both his knowledge as a rosacea sufferer and a research scientist, co-founder Nieuwenhuijsen has formulated a nighttime treatment for rosacea, which is available both as a serum and as a gel (http://www.reverta.com/Rosacea.html).

Reverta also offers an effective treatment for body acne, a condition that affects both men and women, leaving many self-conscious about their appearance. More information about body acne and its treatment can be found on Reverta’s body acne page (http://www.reverta.com/Body_Acne.html). In addition, the company has also formulated an anti-aging cream containing a blend of 10 active ingredients, including ceramide, that work toward the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as the appearance of dark circles under the eye, leading to a more youthful appearance of the face (http://www.reverta.com/rev008.html).

Please visit Reverta’s new web site for additional information (http://www.reverta.com). (For a limited time, Reverta is offering its customers free shipping on all its products via USPS Priority Mail).

-About Reverta

Reverta is an internet-based company, which seeks to create novel skin care solutions that serve to aid in the promotion and preservation of a healthy, youthful skin appearance by utilizing well-researched skin care remedies found in nature. Since not all skin care treatments work the same on people, the company offers all its customers a 30-day no-questions asked return policy. Reverta is part of the Yahoo! e-commerce network that uses the latest encryption technologies to keep online transactions secure.