Moore Orthopaedic Clinic Leverages Presagia Technology To Create 15,000 Athlete Health Records

March 24, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Montreal, March 24, 2007 - Presagia Corp.®, the leading developer and provider of real-time web-centric solutions for health, safety and injury management, today announced the signing of a contract with Moore Orthopaedic Clinic of South Carolina for the deployment of Presagia Sports – the sport industry’s total athlete health management system. This comes at a time when leading sports medicine providers are realizing the significant value to be gained from implementing web-based health information management systems incorporating Athlete Health Records.

Delivering quality sports medicine outreach services across the Midlands of South Carolina to all types of athletes, from professional and college level players to little leaguers, requires Moore Orthopaedic Clinic to be at the top of its game all the time. Recognizing the crucial role health information management plays in the care process, Moore Orthopaedic Clinic turned to Presagia Sports to centralize and streamline its processes. This system will empower Moore Orthopaedic Clinic’s sports medicine team with anytime, anywhere online and offline access to complete athlete health information, health management tools, and decision-support resources. Furthermore, Moore will join a growing number of health innovators adopting Electronic Health Records (EHRs) by creating 15,000 Athlete Health Records within the Presagia system.

“Since opening our doors in 1928, Moore Orthopaedic Clinic has maintained a spirit of innovation first instilled by our founder Dr. Austin T. Moore, a leading orthopaedic surgeon,” says Dr. Wendell Holmes, M.D., of Moore Orthopaedic Clinic. “We are proud to continue that trend as we now implement state-of-the-art health information technology to support our care processes.”

“In the highly competitive sports environment it is critical for athletes to be returned to competition quickly and safely,” explains Dr. Frank Noojin, M.D., of Moore Orthopaedic Clinic. “Utilizing Presagia Sports is about providing our medical team technology that enables them to deliver faster, more effective care on and off the field, thus supporting expedited recoveries.”

“Recently some employers have gained widespread recognition through a series of highly publicized electronic health record initiatives,” states Rick Bercuvitz, Chief Operating Officer of Presagia Corp. “These employers should be looking for guidance from leading sports organizations like Moore Orthopaedic Clinic that have already implemented health information technology to provide higher quality, streamlined care to athletes. We are proud and excited to work with Moore Orthopaedic Clinic on this initiative.”

Presagia Sports ( seamlessly connects medical personnel and training support staff with instant web-based access to comprehensive athlete health information in a centralized system. The resulting communication and collaboration improves workflow efficiencies and reduces redundant data-entry to facilitate effective athlete health management. Simultaneously, Presagia Sports supports in-depth trend analysis for the development and implementation of proactive medical and training strategies to promote, maintain and enhance athlete health.

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