Grey Inspirations is proud to announce the addition Of Perlop Cosmetics to their line of Products

March 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Long Beach, NY—March 2007 – Grey Inspirations is pleased to announce the addition of Perlop Cosmetics to their product line. It is an honor to be able to offer our customers this wonderfully effective yet inexpensive product line.

Perlop Cosmetics a family owned organization, in existence since 1927, was one of the first companies to produce a high quality all natural (Mother of Pearl/Oyster Shell) Concha Nácar face cream.

These creams were manufactured to address many of the skin conditions occurring within the Latino community. Some people were looking for products which dealt with sun spots, blemishes and scars; while others wanted to lighten their complexion. Perlop Cosmetics accept the challenges presented by the varied complexion problems and created these highly effective creams that can potentially help people of all ethnicity address their skin problems.

This company strives to provide their clients with high quality face creams which produce great results, at a very reasonable price. They encourage consumers to carefully review the ingredients used in their face creams and compare them with the ingredients used by their competitors. What you will find is that these products are manufactured with superior ingredients at a much lower cost to the consumer.

Based on feedback (provided to Perlop Cosmetics) by distributors and consumers alike, the “Concha Nácar de Perlop” line of creams is regarded as the premier brand of face creams containing “oyster shell powder” (Polvo de Concha Nácar).

Having produced these fine products for such a long time, you can apply these creams to your face with confidence, knowing that they are made with the highest quality ingredients and that great care has gone into the manufacturing process.

My personal experience with these products has encouraged me to add them to our line!

As a company we are confident that all who try them will agree. A great product at a great price!

The Cleansing Cream (Crema Limpiadora De Perlop) - A deep cleanser formulated for all types of skin. It was designed to open the pores and effectively remove dirt, oil, make-up and other impurities while leaving your face and neck soft and silky.
3.8 OZ of this product sells for $5.00*

Vitamin A Cream Anti-Aging with Aloe Vera - A unique anti-aging formula based on vitamin A and Aloe Vera that works to slow down the aging process. The vitamin A helps to revitalize, restore elasticity to the skin while fine lines are softened and minimized. The Aloe Vera has healing properties that help to repair damaged skin.
4 OZ of this product sells for $7.50*

Vitamin E Cream with Chamomile - This fine vitamin E cream contains 12,000 international units of pure vitamin E. Viewed as a super humectant** with anti-oxidant qualities. We blended the formula with chamomile, which has soothing properties. It renders the cream highly effective in treating damaged, rough, dry skin so as to bring back that vibrant and healthy looking glow.
4 OZ of this product sells for $7.50*

Concha Nacar De Perlop – The Night Cream #1 - This cream is to be applied to your skin at bedtime. It works while you sleep to repair, nourish and soften your skin to bring about a natural radiant glow to your face.
2 OZ of this product sells for $5.00*

Concha Nacar De Perlop - The Day Cream #2 - This day cream is excellent for moisturizing, shielding and protecting your skin from the harsh elements that can damage your complexion. It is also a great base for your makeup.
2 OZ of this product sells for $5.00*

Concha Nacar De Perlop - The Bleaching Cream #3 - This unique bleaching cream formula is Concha Nacar’s signature item. This is a natural bleaching cream that has many different uses. It’s mainly used to whiten the skin, to aid in removing unwanted blemishes, spots, scars and dark patches, while at the same time it removes impurities and cleanses the pores. It does an overall great job of beautifying the skin.
2 OZ of this product sells for $5.00*

* Plus shipping charges
**Humectant is a substance that promotes retention of moisture.

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