New Website Fulfills 500-Year-Old Prophecy

April 01, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A University of Arizona health psychologist has launched a new Website,, that will create an international network of healers in a manner consistent with ancient shamanic prophecy.

In keeping with a 500-year-old prophecy, a University of Arizona health psychologist has launched a new Website for spiritual healers called The Website is intended to create a virtual healing circle that brings together healers from all traditions. Dr. Victor Shamas, the founder of, explains that the purpose of the site is “to link up all of the healing circles that are out there, regardless of whether they embrace prayer, chanting, drumming, dancing, intention, or any other vehicle for spiritual healing.” features a Healers’ Forum, where spiritual healers can exchange information and where anyone can request healing for themselves or for someone they know. The site also includes links to healing circles throughout the world, as well as educational resources on spiritual healing, many of which are free.

“This is part of my service to the healing community,” says Shamas. “Through an unlikely set of circumstances, I had the good fortune to learn a type of healing practice that was once used by pre-Columbian shamans but that has gone underground since the time of the Spanish Conquistadors. Now, I feel that I have the obligation to share my good fortune with others.”

For two years, Shamas apprenticed with a master shaman from Oaxaca, Mexico—an apprenticeship that he describes in his new book, A CHANTER'S GUIDE: SACRED CHANTING AS A SHAMANIC PRACTICE. Shamas recalls, “The shaman who worked with me told me of a prophecy that had been passed down by his teachers. The prophecy states that the system of knowledge in this particular lineage was to remain buried in the ancient temples until a time when people were ready to take action.”

This is why Shamas named his website “The timing is right for us to act on the simple yet powerful spiritual wisdom taught by the ancient healers,” he explains. According to Shamas, two conditions are in place for this to be able to happen: First, Internet technology is advanced enough and accessible enough to connect spiritual healers from every corner of the world. Second, current social trends are precipitating a series of cataclysmic changes that will require a concerted effort on the part of healers in order to mitigate the consequences.

“On the one hand, we have never had a more widespread need for healers in human history,” says Shamas. “On the other hand, there has never been a more powerful force than the Internet for bringing healers together.”

Through, Shamas intends to establish an international fellowship of healers with one mission: to send out love, energy, and blessings to every corner of the world. “This global healing circle has no leader and no ideology,” he remarks. “We just offer healing in a simple and humble manner, by acting on wisdom."