Judy Capko’s Best Selling Book "Secrets of the Best-Run Practices" Launched as Audio Book for Busy Physicians, Medical Practice Executives

March 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
March 2007 — Since its first publication in late 2005, Secrets of the Best-Run Practices by Judy Capko has been hailed by clinicians as the “Holy Grail” of healthcare reference books for the medical practice. In its 3rd book printing, “Secrets” examines the most successful medical practices and gives the reader the inside scoop on what is, and what is not, working in today’s practice. Responding to many customer requests, Greenbranch Publishing developed this audio version to provide a solution to the practice manager’s common complaint of not having any time to read.

Listeners can learn how to seize control of their practice and inspire their staff during “down time”, such as commuting or while sitting at their office computer. Physicians and practice executives will benefit from the same critical practice management information provided in the print book, but delivered in an “easy-to-listen-to” manner read by professional voice actors.

According to Nancy Collins, President of Greenbranch Publishing, “This book is neither theory nor conjecture. Judy Capko uses real-world examples drawn from her own case files to tap into what’s working, and what is not working, in the most successful medical practices. Physicians and practices administrators have been snapping up copies of this book since publication and we are now delighted to offer the work in convenient audio book format. Listening to Secrets of the Best-Run Practices in audio format makes so much sense for the busy practice executive - it should be considered yet another secret!”

Secrets of the Best-Run Practices Audio Book includes the following:

-7 CDs, unabridged, 7 hours of playing time
-Bonus Data Disc CD: 44 Essential Tool-Box Forms in Word and PDF

Secrets of the Best-Run Practices Audio Book will show you how to:

—Learn how to boost practice efficiency and profitability

—Develop a vision for your practice that will inspire and motivate your staff, and reduce stress and frustration

—Identify current practice strengths and weaknesses – and solve them one by one

—Learn from the experience of other practices which struggled and overcame similar challenges

Secrets of the Best-Run Practices Audio Book – Selected Table of Contents

• The Perfect Receptionist
• Conquering Work & Patient Flow Problems
• The Amazingly Productive Doctor
• Mastering the Appointment Schedule
• Common Sense Risk Management
• Team Spirit – Team Power
• The Dynamics of the Outpatient Academic Practice
• The Power of Revenue Management
• Great Employees – The Simple Truth
• The Money Crunch
• Reshaping the Practice – A New Genre
• The Practice of The Future

Bonus Tool! 44 Toolbox Forms in PDF and in Word format

1. Sample Job Description: Receptionist
2. Telephone Appointment Tracking
3. Clinical Telephone Tracking
4. Patient Visit Time Study
5. Training Monitor
6. The Art of Delegation
7. Appointment Power Words Matrix
8. Rooming Matrix
9. Communication Matrix
10. Tracking Log for Diagnostic Studies
11. Sample Discharge Letter
12. Physician’s Retreat Questionnaire
13. Team Leader Tips
14. Risk/Opportunity Matrix
15. Sample Performance Standards
16. Payer Performance Table
17. Sample Bio Sketch
18. Meeting Action Matrix
19. Staff Survey: How Does Management Rate?
20. Management Skills Audit
21. Sample Organizational Chart: Group OB-GYN Practice
22. Guidelines for Strategic Planning
23. Patient Satisfaction Survey
24. Job Description Questionnaire
25. Don’t ask the questions: The employment interview
26. Performance Evaluation Form
27. Past Employee Reference Check
28. Alpha Numerical Accuracy Quiz
29. Employment Agreement Letter
30. Employee Exit Interview
31. Employee Counseling Form
32. Individual Human Resource Record
33. New Employee Check List
34. New Employee Progress Report
35. Request for Time Off
36. Employee Benefits Audit Form
37. Pre-surgical Financial Arrangements
38. Comparing Key Performance Indicators
39. Productivity Tracking Form
40. Batch Control Slip
41. On site Patient Time Study
42. Chart Dos and Don’ts
43. 12 Point Office Efficiency Study
44. Phone Tracking