The Old Schoolhouse Magazine brings a Fight for Dear Life to Homeschool Families Worldwide

March 29, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Johnson City, TN—March 2007—No one should have the right to choose when to end a person’s life, but on March 31, 2005, Terri Schiavo died after 13 days of agonizing thirst and dehydration, forced upon her when the court ruled in favor of her husband’s demand to remove her feeding tube. Now, on the second anniversary of Terri’s tragic death, TOS Magazine will publish Christine Field’s exclusive interview with the Christian Law Association’s David Gibbs, an attorney who fought to save Terri’s life. As part of a promise that Gibbs made to Terri’s parents when he took the case, he has published Fighting for Dear Life, a book arguing against euthanasia. Gibbs strongly believes, “Christians must make sure that America does not become a country that can so easily end the life of a human being.”

Thanks to Gibbs, a homeschooling parent himself, many will hear his first hand account of the brutal cruelty of a euthanasia death. He believes it is time for parents to fight against this crime before their children grow up in a country that murders the handicapped and the unborn under the title of “freedom”—freedom to survive that is. Hidden in the euthanasia doctrine is the very old but ever-convincing Darwinian philosophy, “Survival of the fittest.”

In a day and age where evolution has crept into every textbook and classroom in public education, it is not surprising that few in our society blink twice when pro-euthanasia activists successfully murder another person. Darwin’s beliefs are not going to go away. In fact, according to Dr. Henry Morris, author of The Long War Against God and president of the Institute for Creation Research, “The very first evolutionist was not Charles Darwin… but Satan himself!” Evolution in its essence, is a satanic philosophy taught to America’s children in the guise of a worldview.

This is why it is so essential that parents teach their children from a biblical worldview and expose and combat the lie of evolution that has permeated America. In order to help their subscribers and their children learn more about the evils of evolution and how to combat them, TOS Magazine is offering a copy of Evolution Exposed: Your Evolution Answer Book for the Classroom by Roger Patterson for free to new 2 year TOS subscribers as one of their 19 free gifts with their current Spring subscription promotion.

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Nancy Carter, Public Relations Manager
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC