Lativio™ Announce the Launch of Proactol™ - A Proven Solution to Effective Weight Management

March 30, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Weight loss and obesity are fast becoming the topics of the day. The western world is becoming more over weight, and with the weight loss market packed with low quality, unproven and even dangerous products, is there any such thing as an effective tool in the battle against the bulge? Lativio™ has launched a brand new clinically proven fat binder to the open market that promises to deliver effective results with clinical backing to prove it.

The new diet pill called Proactol™ is specially formulated to help over weight people manage their weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Proactol™ is a certified medical product with safety and efficacy, assessed under the medical device directive MDD 93/42/EEC.

Proactol™'s active ingredient is a patented fiber complex Opuntia fiscus-indica that is 100% natural and 100% organic. Various pre-clinical studies have shown that on average Proactol™ binds over 27% of dietary fats if taken shortly after a meal. Here are a few more benefits you can have by using Proactol™:

• Bind over 27% of dietary fat intake
• Reduce calorie intake from dietary fats
• Help reduce excess body weight
• Suppress appetite
• Reduce blood cholesterol levels
• Reduce food cravings

Extensive research has proven that reduction in dietary fat intake contributes to weight loss. A sustained weight loss of as little as 5% to 10% has also shown to improve health issues associated with being overweight, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular problems and diabetes.
As well as binding fats, Proactol™ is also clinically proven to reduce calorie intake from dietary fats, suppress appetite and reduce blood cholesterol levels.

In the US alone, 30% of the population are classed as being obese, that’s 60 million people AND OVER 50 million people diet each year. Sadly only 5% of these individuals will keep the weight off long term. Ideally, these people need to adopt a healthier lifestyle with plenty of exercise and a balanced diet; however we recognize that many people find it very hard to take the first step.

Proactol™ guarantees and gives overweight people the help they need to control their weight more easily. By binding dietary fats, decreasing food cravings, suppressing appetite and reducing blood cholesterol, Proactol™ is a highly effective weapon in the battle of the bulge. This will allow people to start a new and healthier lifestyle from which they can sustain their long-term weight loss goals.

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