Succeed in America’s Dr. Nara Venditti to conduct a seminar for The International Career Consortium on helping foreign born students to succeed in the US workplace

April 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
On May 3, 2007, Dr. Nara Venditti of Succeed in America will be presenting a seminar for The International Career Consortium (ICC) at Babson College in Wellesley, MA. The seminar will offer valuable information on helping foreign-born students to overcome cultural and language barriers such as understanding American workplace culture, accent reduction and improving Business English skills as well as providing a number of tools to help the participants facilitate students’ success in building their career in corporate environment..

“At any given time, the United States hosts more than half a million foreign students that contribute more than 13 billion dollars to the US economy [Institute of International Education]. Their presence in our country goes back to after WWII, when the United States wanted to expand its relations with many parts of the world. Many international students work as interns and young professionals at least for one year before returning to their homelands or filling available positions in American workplace. In certain industries, e.g. biotechnology, IT and medicine, their contributions make our country more competitive”, says Peter Crudele, Director of Career Services at the Harvard School of Public Health. “Dr. Venditti’s is an expert in foreign-born workforce development. Her presentation will offer information and advice on how to better facilitate the international students’ learning curve leading to employment acquisition and productivity in the workplace.”

The presenter will share useful tips included in her most recent book entitled, How to Get a Job in the US and Ameri$peak ( These materials evolved as a result of the experiences, hardships, and obstacles that she dealt with and had to overcome as a foreign-born assimilating into American business culture. Written from a foreigner’s perspective, this book focuses on essential facts and primary concerns in a language and style that a newcomer must grasp in order to become successful. It explores cultural differences in the workforce and offers direction on adapting to American customs. It helps to understand and accept American workplace values.

SUCCEED IN AMERICA is a Danbury, Connecticut, based company, which helps both the foreign-born workforce and U.S. and non-US organizations gain mutual understanding and cooperation with issues, such as workplace communication, accent reduction, skilled immigrant labor, diversity and cultural understanding, English language skills and employability. Its website contains descriptions of the workshops available, helpful articles and information on two newly released books