I2lifeeducation.com Releases College Grants, Scholarships Report

April 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
I2lifeeducation.com, a premier education website, announced they are offering a complimentary report on college grants, scholarships and federal student loans to help students and parents find the necessary funds in the face of rising education costs.

"Everyone understands the importance of getting a good education. Getting that university degree can improve your life and advance your career, there's no doubt about that. This guide will help students and parents find and apply for college grant money, public and private scholarships as well as federal student loans, to help lighten some of the burden associated with financing a higher education." Said Louis, spokesperson for http://www.i2lifeeducation.com.

Each year, colleges raise their tuition fees which can put a serious burden on those who are already in college and those who are preparing to go. This can lead to many questions including the ability to pay for tuition, room and board, books, and other living expenses.

College grants, student loans, and scholarships are the best ways to find the money to pay for college.

In this revealing report, students and parents will learn:

1. Where to go for useful college grant money and scholarship information;

2. How to apply for these awards, and federal student loans that you will have to repay after you have graduated;

3. How to lower the student loan amount by donating your time after graduation.

Getting accepted into the university of your dreams is intimidating enough without thinking about ways to pay for it. That's where this "How To Find Money For College" report comes in.

To receive your complimentary guide on college grants, scholarships and student loans, simply go to http://www.i2lifeeducation.com and type in your first name and email address.

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