Cardio Theater Alternative is Announced Today to Fitness Centers by Whole House FM Transmitter

April 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Whole House FM Transmitter announced today a partnership with Fitness Centers across the United States and Canada to provide an alternative to Cardio Theater's FM Transmitter systems. The main drivers for the partnership between Fitness Centers and Whole House FM Transmitter is to 1) provide better service to their customers by allowing customers to hear the audio from the TV on their FM Radio and 2) keep operating costs at a minimum and improve cash flow.

When asked why Fitness Centers have partnered with Whole House FM Transmitter ( one Independent Fitness Center owner in California put it this way:

"Cardio Theater and the manufacturer of that equipment were over the top. Their equipment costs were between $400 and $700 per transmitter. Thing is, yours is actually better! I also have a hard time finding Cardio Receivers. I had to order from these expensive, over rated cardio theater sites because they're the only ones I could find. Thanks for your product!"

Whole House FM Transmitter ( reports receiving calls daily from fitness centers across the United States and Canada who are looking for a system to broadcast their facilities TV's to a customers FM Radio. As a spokes person for Whole House FM Transmitter put it:

"We are delighted to know our FM Transmitter is helping so many people and not just the Fitness Center itself but also every end customer that uses their facility too. We look forward to building long-term relationships with many more Fitness Center owners."

Learn more about the Whole House FM Transmitter and read what others say about the FM Transmitter at:

For further information contact:
Thomas Webb
TAW~Global, LLC
Phone: 877-203-5852 ext.5

Product Information: The Whole House FM Transmitter is a simple and easy to use FM Transmitter that allows customers to broadcast any audio source throughout their entire home. For example, they can broadcast: Computer, Internet Radio, Satellite Radio, iPod and even their TV. Customers can listen on any FM Radio in their home or outside. The Whole House FM Transmitter can be powered four (4) different ways via a standard wall plug, Computer USB Port, Batteries and 12V Car adapter. This allows the ability to use it in almost any situation you may want or need.

Company Information: TAW~Global, LLC was established in 2003 and is based out of Kalamazoo, MI. It is a family owned and operated company that designs and markets specialty products aimed at meeting the unique needs and demands of consumers around the world. For more information about their product lines go to

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