Entrepreneur sells Texas to make money for travel

April 03, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Mr Laude, 23, has created a website, http://earthisonsale.com/usa, added a map of the USA, and is now selling each state as advertising space for websites. The cost of each state is proportional to its size in square miles.

"There will be some bargains like this to be had where population density is high - New Jersey is a very populous and iconic state but costs only $6," he has told prospective advertisers.

There are over 20 states available for less than $40, with Texas ($179) the second most expensive behind Alaska at $442.

The unusual sale attracted thousands of curious web surfers and advertisers in December 2006 when Mr Laude successfully sold 125 countries in a similar style for a total of $US13,000. Mr Laude's audacious new goal is to sell every province or state of every country in his online representation of Earth.

Companies, individuals and even rock bands took up the December offering, all vying for the attention of EarthIsOnSale.com visitors. Mike Casey of band management company Disco Manifesto bought Iceland for $1 within days of the launch of the website.

"I just liked the idea of owning a country, but my ad on Hamish's site keeps surprising me with an increasing number of referrals to our website," he said.

Mr Laude said the giant garage sale was to finance his overseas experience so he could go and visit the states he is selling.

"Capturing the imagination of many is critical for the idea to be a success," he said.

"I've been receiving a mountain of positive feedback. My challenge is to keep up with the emails and keep up the momentum."

He developed the idea after a working holiday in Florida and Louisiana between university semesters, where he was frustrated by the high costs of travelling.