Pressel colors a fashion statement in Kraft Nabisco but Matthew and Sorenstam get pan for lime green

April 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
DENVER — April 4, 2007— Morgan Pressel’s Kraft Nabisco Championship win Sunday included her wearing a trend-setting color women golfers will soon see at retailers and in pro shops—chocolate brown. Pressel and fellow final round contender Stacy Prammanasudh wore one of two colors that dominated the clothing lines presented to the golf buying world at January’s PGA Merchandise Show. Activewear designers are replacing hot pink this year based on fabric color palettes released at major design shows last fall. Those palettes guide manufactures for the coming season.

“The other color that dominated the fabric palettes and industry shows this winter was red. Surprisingly, it was hardly worn at all this weekend by the tournament leaders,” said Tracey Lynn Blake, president and founder of tracey lynn golf,, a fashion-forward women’s golf clothing line for younger and athletically-built women.

Pressel wore a smart-fitting matching shirt and short set for her sponsor Polo®. The outfit was not only flattering but captured her strength and intense approach to the game, Blake said.

Prammanasudh’s sleeveless collarless chocolate brown shirt with white piping just didn’t look as finished, Blake noted. In contrast to the youthful feel of her shirt, Prammanasudh’s skort had a distracting pattern along the front just above the hemline. Prammanasudh does get credit for exploring different color options and wearing well fitting garments.

“Her top was young and bit sassy, but the embroidered plaid detail on her skort was a bit fussy and appropriate for someone 20 years older,” Blake said.

Pressel, the tournament winner, gets Blake’s “Sunday’s Best” for the 2007 LPGA season’s opening major championship.

“New color, great fit on a great gal with a great attitude and future,” Blake said.

Catriona Matthew and Annika Sorenstam, however, earned Blake’s fairway fashion pans in Rancho Mirage.

“Catriona Matthew’s too bright lime green shorts might have been passable had they come anywhere close to fitting her anywhere—front, back, waste or legs,” Blake said. “They reflected light like wiggling lime Jell-O.®”

Absent any real tailoring, Matthew looked ageless— her own age or someone 20 years older, Blake said.

“Why do that to yourself?” Blake asked. “That how athletes wear basketball trunks.”

A washout tournament for Annika Sorenstam was only made worse by her final round outfit. Sorenstam wore a washed out light blue and lime green striped shirt with a pair of overly bright lime green long (boy) shorts.

“The disappointing match Annika made today with her outfit was with the water and algae her ball found behind the green on the 18th hole,” Blake said.


Se Ri Pak showed how important fit is when wearing capris. Hers sat a bit low on her hips and stayed above her calf like knickers. That made the athletic Pak’s calves look much stockier than they are and gave her a less feminine look.

“To avoid making calves look thick, women should wear either long boy-shorts, which hit just above the knee, or capris that stop just at mid-calf and never above,” Blake said.

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