Prostate Cancer Book Delivers New Hope For PCa Treatment: By Charles “Snuffy” Myers

April 05, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
April 2007, Charlottesville, VA: Rivanna Health Publications ( recently announced the publication of prostate cancer specialist and survivor, Dr Charles “Snuffy” Myers’s newest weapon in the fight against prostate cancer: The book “Beating Prostate Cancer: Hormonal Therapy and Diet” is a crucial resource for effecting remission with androgen blockade alone or in tandem with radiation or surgery.

Utilizing a simple golf metaphor to outline the twists and turns of diagnosis and treatment, the book addresses metastatic patients, the newly diagnosed, and healthcare professionals alike. Topics include: Hormonal Therapy Regimens; Diet/Lifestyle; Radiation, Surgery, and many others.

“Prostate cancer is like golf,” notes Myers. “You need to play it as it lies. Because the disease is variable, each treatment solution requires a unique strategy. Yet I was astonished that I couldn’t find a single resource that outlined hormonal therapy’s benefits when I’ve seen great results both in my practice and personally. Cancer is no longer a death sentence, and the book delivers the hope men need to survive and thrive.”

“Myers is clearly one of the leading doctors in the field,” says Jim Waldenfels, well-known prostate activist and survivor. “He’s the best at communicating sound information that is understandable.”

While “Beating Prostate Cancer” offers critical information from a leading international expert, what makes this book truly special is that Myers is also a survivor with a now undetectable PSA. Diagnosed at fifty-five, Myers is living proof of his program’s success, and uses his own road to recovery to give men perspective from both sides of the examination table.

“It reads like a novel. No clunky science-speak,” says survivor Michael Forrest, and Us Too Member, Roy Bradbrooke adds “Myers’s program works. His dietary recommendations saved my life.”

Beating Prostate Cancer is available exclusively from the publisher by calling 800-305-2432 or by logging on to


Medical oncologist, scientist, and nutrition expert, Dr. Charles "Snuffy" Myers was a key player in creating AZT, Suranim, Phenylacetate while working at NIH. With over 250 research papers published, Myers is one of the leading developers of today's prostate cancer canon on both the research and treatment sides of the test tube. Former Cancer Director at the University of Virginia, Myers opened the American Institute for Diseases of the Prostate in 2001 to provide men with the comprehensive care that saved his life.