New Hope For Aids … a new way of giving

April 07, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
How many times have you wondered where the money is going when you make a monetary donation? Rather than donors giving money to a variety of organizations and governments involved in providing food aid for persons living with HIV/AIDS, SamAndy Foods is offering to sell those same donors their New Hope Food Box, and then SamAndy Foods will arrange for the purchased food boxes to go directly to those in need.

This new way of giving will allow a donor wanting to give food aid to know exactly the commodity they are choosing to give, and that it will be used by those for whom it is intended. Details of the New Hope for Aids program can be seen at
It is common complaint of many donors that they do not know what is happening with the money they are donating for food aid.

Recently the European Commission gave the Robert Mugabe government in Zimbabwe £ 8,000,000 (close to US$ 16,000,000) to use for food aid for people living with HIV/AIDS in his country. This sum could feed 200,000 people using SamAndy’s New Hope Food Box. Some question whether any of this money will be used for food aid or will it go for things like Mr. Mugabe’s custom built luxury Mercedes Benz limousine.

The New Hope for Aids program will give the donor some control on how their money is spent and who will be the real beneficiaries of their charity.
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