launch the tailor made program for Honeymoon Couples

April 11, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News, the leading online reservation services based in Bangkok, Thailand establish since 2002. The company has launched the new program is called "Tailor Made Program for Honeymoon Couples" That the couple can let the website plan their trip for them starting from find the best location for honeymoon, activity seeking, accommodations, airfares. This will help the honeymoon get more information without walk from their desk. Nuttakorn, the owner of this website has got the idea that many honeymooners would go to the best place which suitable for them but they will not know much about the specific things such as what should be activity, eating and place to stay.

This service will help them determine their needs in customization, the company will send them like the proposal including budget, place to stay, activity and recommendation.

From the Information, the overall marriage rate is the lowest it has been for more than 40 years, 88% of Americans get married at least once in their lives. In 2004, one out of every 64 Americans got married, or 4.6 million men and women wed as 2.3 million couples per the National Center for Health Statistics. The figure of 2.3 million marriages has held relatively steady for the last decade. This translates into almost 44,000 weddings each week or 6,200 weddings daily for the last ten years.

Virtually every wedded couple takes a honeymoon; 99% of newly married couples went on a honeymoon in 2004—a consistent statistic for the last five years. Honeymoon travel accounts for over $7 billion in annual spending per Fairchild/Conde’ Nast Bridal Infobank—the leading source of wedding and bridal data—or an average of $3,074 per couple. Some sources estimate the total honeymoon market figure as closer to $12 billion and many sources approximate honeymoons cost over $4000 per couple. At the lesser market figure, honeymoons make up 14% of the estimated $50 billion total wedding industry dollar. Honeymooning represents the third highest spending component of the growing wedding trade.

Honeymoons are driven by wedding trends which are driven almost solely by demographics and generational trends. This report will investigate these trends driven by two generations in prime marriage age, those members of the “Echo Boom” generation born of Boomer parents: Gen Y and Millennials. Each generation segment has their own unique values that drive and will steer honeymoon trends and spending over the next ten years. Given the extraordinary growth of the average wedding cost, or an increase of 50% in the last decade, it is projected that honeymoon spending will follow the same or similar increases over both the short and long term future. For the purposes of this report, a honeymoon is defined as a holiday, trip or travel taken by a newly married couple occurring specifically as part of U.S. marriage tradition. Remarriage honeymoons will be included as per existing market data.

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