Zacuto Announcing New Newsman Handheld Package For HD Video Cameras

April 13, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Zacuto, a leading provider of high definition cameras and accessories is announcing its new camera mounting kit called the "Newsman." The Newsman is a collection of 5 Zacuto parts: Zacuto Baseplate, Z-Grips, Shoulder Pad, Zoffset & Lunchbox. With it, you can create a complete balanced handheld setup for $2014. Perfect for News work, television, reality show, corporate, guerilla handheld or any other handheld work needing balanced all day shooting with palm cameras.

“Virtually any camera under 10lbs. can be mounted to the “Newsman” allowing you to shoot all day comfortably with your eye in the viewfinder”, stated Zacuto Operational Director Jens Bogehegn. “This offers similar versatility as Zacuto’s innovative prosumer baseplate line.”

These are the components:

The finest grips made for lightweight support systems. Adjustable arm length, arm angle, and fully articulating grips allow you to get your hands into the most comfortable position for handheld shooting. Built to incredible tolerances, rock solid with no play. Works with all cameras, including Varicam/F900 sized cameras.

Shoulder Pad
The shoulder pad slides forward and back to balance the camera package.

With Zoffset™ you can offset the rods to bring you eye directly in the viewfinder of the HVX200 as well as other palm cameras with center mounted rear viewfinders. This is the key to the “Newsman”, many products mount cameras, but the Newsman is the first camera mounting system to mount, balance & offset to get your eye to see the viewfinder.

The Lunchbox™ is a 11 pound counterbalance weight to balance the camera package on your shoulder.

If you want to shoot handheld all day and can’t hold you heavy palm style camera for more then 20 minutes, you need a Zacuto “Newsman”.

Newsman Handheld Package

Price: $2014

About Zacuto:
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