April 12, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Golfers who want to look as cool as Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson on the fairways can now buy his favourite Urban Golf Gear clothing online.

New website www.urbangolfgear.co.uk has a full range of hats, performance golf shirts, t-shirts, casual hoodies and trousers, with golfers able to purchase online via a secure shop.

And the site is also selling Schwetty Balls, the golf balls that have become all the rage in the USA and Canada for delivering fun and performance on the course.

Urban Golf Gear is instantly distinguished from conventional golf gear by combining style with urban hip-hop fashion.

The clothing line features a striking logo - a golfer with dancing dreadlocks – and was created 10 years ago in California by Craig Tanner, who was inspired by Tiger Woods’ massive impact on golf following his third US amateur championship success.

Rob Dickens, Managing Director of Urban Golf Gear Europe, said: “British fashion has become heavily influenced by clothing from skateboarding, snowboarding, basketball, BMX and music.

“In recent years, many younger golfers have started to express a liking for strong colours and a modern, fashionable look and we believe Urban Golf Gear will strike a chord with them – on and off the course.”

“Golfwear is cool. And it important for many golfers to look as stylish on the fairway as they do on a night out. With Urban Golf Gear they can walk straight from the golf course and into a nightclub without embarrassment.”

The Urban Golf Gear Europe range merges technical fabrics with fashion and consists of Microfibre Windshirts, Dry-Tech Polos and Hats, Baseball Caps, Casual Tee-Shirts and Hoodies, and women’s and even baby clothing.

In the US, the brand has attracted a cult following among A-list celebrities. It was worn by actor Samuel L. Jackson in the movie SWAT, featured in the comedy Two Can Play that Game and has been sported by actors Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Baywatch’s Carmen Electra.

USA made Schwetty Balls are a two-piece titanium and rubber compound ball with mixed Surlyn cover with 432 dimples in a range of differing diameters.

The smaller radius dimples provide maximum distance, while the slightly larger radius dimples offer shot-saving accuracy.

Said Rob: “Schwetty Balls have a funny name, but the manufacturers take the matter of making golf balls very seriously.

“They create a lot of fun on the course but their performance is excellent too.”

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