Tunguska Blastâ¢: Dietary Supplement Launched by CyberWizeâ¢

April 14, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
April 14, 2007 — On March 4, 2006, area resident Elias V. Balderas (a CyberWize Independent Business Owner) attended one of the 34 "Blast Off" events held in cities throughout the United States. The conferences were attended by thousands of CyberWize Independent Business Owners (IBOs), and the launch was described by CyberWize President and CEO Mark McCool as, "A dramatic indication of the enthusiasm among our customers for this next-generation supplement." Tunguska Blast is formulated entirely from herbs and other plants harvested in the Tunguska River Valley in Siberia, Russia. The Tunguska River Valley is a site of geological and historical importance. On the morning of June 30, 1908, the valley was powerfully shaken by a mysterious event that felled more than 200 million trees over a space of 850 square miles. Scientists speculate the event may have been the airburst of a meteor, and the event is often cited when scientists anticipate the possibility of the earth passing too close to a comet.

Today, the Tunguska Valley has become a thriving oasis. Plants in Tunguska have been reported to grow at four times their normal rate to as much as three times their normal size. CyberWize harvests and co-extracts the ten herbs and other plants believed to be the most phyto-nutrient supercharged. The result: Tunguska Blast is the only completely natural nutritional supplement delivering all the benefits of the "Tunguska Effect".

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