How to “Monitor Your Blood Pressure at Home” flier released.

April 17, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The creators of My Blood Pressure software have just released a flier called “Monitor Your Blood Pressure at Home”.

This handy flier includes blood pressure facts and explains how to take blood pressure accurately with a home monitoring device.

Blood pressure levels change throughout the day and are affected by many things including exercise and caffeine. A one off reading is not a true picture of blood pressure. Monitoring blood pressure readings over time, will offer a more accurate picture of blood pressure. The easiest way is with a home blood pressure monitor.

The “Monitor Your Blood Pressure at Home” flier details what blood pressure is and what the two blood pressure numbers mean. The reverse side of the flier explains what is needed to start monitoring blood pressure at home.

The flier includes what to do and what not to do, before taking a reading. It includes practical tips such as; ‘Go to the bathroom before taking the reading. Having a full bladder can change your blood pressure reading.’ The flier also offers step by step instructions on taking and recording a blood pressure reading.

Kellie Helen from My Blood Pressure says, “There is a lot of information available on high blood pressure and it can be confusing. This flier presents the facts clearly and is a handy resource for those who need to monitor their blood pressure.”

Monitoring blood pressure is a critical part of supplying accurate information to Doctors to enable them to treat patients in order to lower blood pressure through diet, lifestyle and medication. Monitoring blood pressure at home will also alert the patient to any sudden increases in blood pressure that may endanger health.

My Blood Pressure promotes home monitoring of blood pressure and offers Software for Windows to record and chart blood pressure readings.

To view or print a free copy of the how to “Monitor Your Blood Pressure” flier go to or email Kellie Helen at for a free copy.