Morgellons Alert: MD Endorses “Safe and Effective Therapy" For Morgellons Syndrome

April 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
James Matthews, MD who has been a Morgellons sufferer himself for more than 2 years, endorses a "Safe and Effective Therapy" for the Treatment of Some Morgellons Symptoms.

In an open letter to the Morgellons Community, Dr. Matthews states "I have some preliminary data that indicates that NutraSilver is a safe and effective therapy for some of the symptoms in some of the patients suffering with Morgellons Syndrome, and endorse trials of its use for this mysterious condition.

After being exposed to his first Morgellons victim about 2 1/2 years ago, 3 months later he started observing symptoms in himself. "I used almost every available method of Advanced Western Medicine over a period of two years", says Dr. Matthews.

Regarding his first experience with NutraSilver, he describes "A unique, deep tissue Herx occurred which gave way to greater feelings of well being and physical health then I had previously experienced with other methods.

He then gave the product it to his 2 sickest remaining patients. With one patient that had no lesions "we observed only slight improvement", while with another suffering from multiple bodily and facial lesions "…the results were dramatic. Within days his skin started clearing and he declared he felt very good, with improved mental processes and mood, and increased energy".

Dr. Matthews explains "The product is a special suspension of silver, a non-toxic natural mineral, in clustered water. It is not the same as colloidal silver. The suspension is created through a unique proprietary process where water is negatively charged, and then stuck to the silver, making it more soluble and theoretically improving absorption. This unique process allows the manufacturer to avoid using bulky colloids, creating clusters of silver in the nano size range which could have much better absorption. Silver has a very long history of safety and efficacy as an anti-microbial agent, and some small studies have shown that NutraSilver kills multiple pathogens in cultures very effectively as well.

What lies ahead for Dr. Matthews? "In the coming months, I will be arranging national clinical trials of this product and will be seeking patients and physician collaborators to participate. Information coming from these studies, both positive, and negative, about NutraSilver, and about any other methods I study, will be shared on

What should Morgellons suffers do now? "…given the low risk of harm, and significant possibility that NutraSilver can help some people very dramatically, I recommend that everyone suffering with Morgellons ask their physician if the product is right for them."

Dr. Matthews is directing Advanced Medicine LLC, a nonprofit company where "100% of the monies we received from the sale of NutraSilver will go directly back into the support of clinical and scientific research on Morgellons."

His letter concludes, "Standing together now, we will find answers, and we will begin to offer more relief for those suffering."

Dr. Matthews' entire letter can be seen at