Online Homeschool Provides Options for Disenfranchised Youth

April 20, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
ORLANDO, FL – With the high school dropout rate skyrocketing, countless students will not complete a K-12 education. Online school MorningStar Academy Christian Homeschooling is extending a helping hand to students who find themselves in need of educational solutions.

According to the Editorial Projects in Education (EDE) Research Center, one in three students in the class of 2006 will not complete a high school education. These numbers are unfortunately on the rise, and are even higher in urban areas. Until now, there were few alternatives for these disenfranchised youth.

“The MorningStar Academy meets the needs of troubled youth in several ways,” says founder Mimi Rothschild. “Our learning technology enables students to enroll at anytime throughout the school year. This means that if students have problems in traditional schools and are expelled during the academic year, they are not left in the cold.” Rothschild also cites that The MorningStar Academy provides a safe and quiet, learning-conducive environment. "Free from distractions, students who might otherwise have difficulty staying on task are able to focus on learning."

The MorningStar Academy is freely available for children in juvenile detention or other disciplinary programs. The “teacher-led” program allows students to have instant one-on-one access to professional Academic Counselors with subject matter expertise throughout the school day. The curriculum is also available 24 hours per day, seven days per week so students can work on their courses on nights and weekends. MorningStar offers free progress reports to help parents keep tabs on their child’s progression throughout the school year.

Students who leave the public school for one reason or another are able to achieve a high school diploma at The MorningStar Academy. This diploma proves to employers and educational institutions that the graduating student has completed an accredited program. According to Rothschild, an official high school diploma is regarded much more highly than a G.E.D. High school dropouts can greatly increase their chances of landing a solid job upon graduating or being accepted to college with the power of a diploma.

“Most importantly,” says Rothschild, “We offer help for students on whom society has given up. Some parents who have tried everything find that our homeschooling curriculum is just what they needed to bring out the natural enthusiasm for learning in their child. There are no ‘lost causes’ at The MorningStar Academy.”

The MorningStar Academy is a revolutionary Christian, teacher-led, K-12, multimedia-rich online program. Through its 140 extensive course offerings, The MorningStar Academy is providing engaging educational support to Christian homeschooling families worldwide.

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