Pharmacy OneSource Releases Poll Results for First Quarter 2007

April 20, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Bellevue, WA — Pharmacy OneSource, Inc., software as a service provider to more than 1,000 hospitals in the United States, today released the results of its exclusive on-line polls for the first quarter of 2007. Poll highlights include that nearly 64% of pharmacy professionals still have work to do in getting compliant with USP Chapter 797, and 46% of pharmacy professionals often suffer from ‘information overload’ at work.

The full results of each poll from January - March 2007 are listed below. Media sources are encouraged to utilize these poll results and attribution to is requested.

Where do you get your drug information?
Books 8.9%
Free on 17.9%
Other free online source 16.1%
Paid online source 37.5%
Other 19.6%
Total 56

What kind of strategies for antimicrobial stewardship does your facility use?
Prospective audit with intervention and feedback 52.2%
Formulary restriction and pre-auths 56.5%
Education 56.5%
Guidelines and clinical pathways 60.9%
Antimicrobial cycling 0%
Parenteral to oral conversion 73.9%
Streamlining or de-escalation of therapy 30.4%
Other 4.3%
Total 23

How far along is your facility in being USP 797 compliant?
We are fully compliant. 14.8%
We still have a little work to do. 32.8%
We still have a lot of work to do. 31.1%
We have an action plan. 9.8%
What's USP 797? 9.8%
Other 1.6%
Total 61

Do you know where your state board of pharmacy currently stands on USP 797 requirements?
Yes 46.3%
No 53.7%
Total 41

Does your facility participate in the CMS pay-for-performance project?
Yes 26.9%
No 57.7%
Don't know 15.4%
Total 26

Do you feel the banking industry should be used as safe keepers of health information?
Yes 10.7%
No 81.3%
Other 8.0%
Total 75

How soon do you think bedside bar-coding will be fully live at your hospital?
Already have it 28.6%
6-12 months 7.1%
1-2 years 28.6%
3-5 years 14.3%
More than 5 years 9.5%
Never 7.1%
Other 4.8%
Total 42

How long will it be before there is mandatory national reporting of infection data?
Less than a year 0%
1-2 years 50.0%
3-5 years 41.7%
More than 5 years 8.3%
Total 12

How often do you feel you suffer from 'information overload' at work?
All the time 36.9%
Often 46.4%
Sometimes 10.7%
Rarely 3.6%
Never 1.2%
Other 1.2%
Total 84

How often do you wash your hands each day at work?
Not at all 0.0%
1-5 times 22.7%
6-10 times 48.5%
11-20 times 14.4%
More than 20 times 12.4%
Other 2.1% 2
Total 97

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