Free Car Maintenance for the Families of Soldiers in Combat

April 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Houston, TX April 2007 Houston-area Beechnut Auto is the nation's first auto repair shop to provide free auto maintenance and discounted repairs for the loved ones of soldiers in combat. With the F.O.R.D. Program, which stands for "For Offshore Relief of Deployment," soldiers in combat don't have to be concerned about their family car breaking down on the way to school or the grocery store.

"Neither soldiers nor their families need anything else to worry about," says Ray Moon, owner of Beechnut Auto. "This program takes the concern of caring for the family vehicle away from the soldiers and their loved ones, allowing them to concentrate on the more important issues at hand."

With the F.O.R.D. Program, Beechnut Auto provides all basic maintenance for the family's primary car throughout the deployment. This includes, but isn't limited to, oil and lube changes, washes, and safety inspections every three months and tire rotation, road test, and brake and transmission inspections every six months.

Over 90 percent of side-of-the-road breakdowns occur because of improper or neglectful maintenance, so Beechnut Auto, since 1990, focuses on preventative care. "No one, especially our soldiers at war, should have to think about their loved ones stuck on the side of the road, so instead of fixing problems when they occur, we concentrate on avoiding the problems in the first place," said Moon.

In addition to maintenance, with the F.O.R.D. Program, soldiers and their families receive half-priced repairs on their Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury and trustworthy shop referrals for repairs on other vehicles. Beechnut Auto is also challenging the automotive industry to join in the effort of providing peace of mind to the soldiers in harms way and car care services to their loved ones.

The family-owned and operated Beechnut Auto has been featured on NBC's Dateline and in the Houston Press, has a customer satisfaction rate over 98 percent, and received a 100 percent repair effectiveness rating by The State of Texas.

For more information about the F.O.R.D. Program, please visit To find out if your family qualifies or to join forces with Beechnut Auto in supporting the troops, please contact Ray Moon at 281-933-3673 or stop by Beechnut Auto at 4209 H Street, Houston TX, 77072.