Upper Cervical Evolution 2007

April 21, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Upper Cervical Evolution 2007, hosted by Charlotte, NC based Upper Cervical Health Centers of America® was held at the Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas this past weekend and was a huge success.

This inaugural event was a joint effort to honor the diversity among Upper Cervical doctors and techniques (NUCCA, Grostic, Orthospinalology, Blair, HIO, Knee Chest, Kale, & Duff) from around the world in order to achieve the common goal of presenting a unified front of Upper Cervical Care to the general public.

Over 325 doctors and students from around the world attended this three-day event and it was packed with 20 distinguished guest speakers and 14 hours of Continued Education. Keynote speakers Dan Clark, DC, www.uppercervicalillustrations.com) and patient advocates, Greg Buchanan (http://www.upcspine.com) and James Tomasi (www.whattimetuesday.com) were seminar standouts. Storyville Studios, a production company based in Burbank, California, was on-site filming the event and conducting interviews for an upcoming documentary promot-ing the passion of Upper Cervical Care. The documentary is scheduled to be released in Fall of 2007. Upper Cervi-cal Health Centers of America presidents’, Ray Drury, DC and Thad Vuagniaux, DC, worked for over a year plan-ning and preparing for this event and could not have been more pleased with its success.

Upper Cervical Health Centers of America is a global company which provides Upper Cervical students and doctors the opportunity to own and operate an office to promote Upper Cervical Care as the first choice in health care op-tions. There are currently 24 offices nationwide with projections of 58 more offices to open in the states and overseas this coming year. The national headquarters is currently under construction in the Mountain Isle Lake area and scheduled to be complete by early May 2007. For more information about Upper Cervical Health Centers of Amer-ica, please call 704-588-5560. You can also visit www.UpperCervicalCare.com

Upper Cervical Care: The Secret of Brain to Body Communication
The key to enjoying a better quality of life and living pain free without the use of drugs is within your reach. The secret is a relatively unknown yet simple scientific procedure that maintains head and neck alignment which allows the brain to communicate efficiently with all parts of the body without interference. This secret is best known as UPPER CERVICAL CORRECTIVE HEALTH CARE.

The human body is a complex creation with a phenomenal ability to heal itself - given the right conditions. Brain messages; signals from the brain to the body are the medium used to communicate instructions from the brain to the different body parts. These brain messages move in a vast network of connections, our nervous system, which allows the brain to communicate with even the most remote part of the body. Every one of these messages passes through a small area of the neck at the point where the head and neck join. It's a critical area in the brain's communication pathway for sending its health and healing messages down the spinal cord, out over the nervous system to all parts of the body.

Most People Experience Head/Neck Misalignment Without Ever Knowing It
There are many ways this critical head/neck area can become misaligned; a fall, an accident, a bump on the head, bad sleeping habits or poor posture. Misalignment can even occur during the birth process. Any type of misalignment, regardless of how it occurred, restricts or distorts brain to body messages in this critical area at the top of the neck. Left unchecked, this misalignment can cause pain and symptoms to develop and increase during one's lifetime.

Body Imbalance
When the head is shifted off the center of the top of the neck and held in a misaligned position by muscles of the neck, it can prevent brain health and healing messages from getting through to some part of the body. Regardless of how misalignment occurs, it can prevent the body from sending “S.O.S.” messages to the brain when in need of help. That part of the body that cannot effectively communicate with the brain will begin to develop symptoms and health problems. These health problems will grow worse until the misalignment (bottleneck) is corrected and effective brain to body communication is restored.

This Is How You Fix It: Head / Neck Alignment Restored
THE UPPER CERVICAL SPINAL CORRECTION, which is barely felt by the patient, requires NO forceful pulling, twisting or jerking motion of the neck. It is specifically designed to correct head/neck misalignment, to restore body balance, and to re-activate brain communication to the areas affected by misalignment. As soon as the correction is made, muscles begin to relax, blood and oxygen circulation increases, the immune system gains strength and vitality and the body's natural, self-healing process begins. This natural self-healing process continues as long as the head/neck alignment is maintained and the brain can communicate without interference to all parts of the body.

Upper Cervical preventive and corrective health care is truly one of the world's best kept secrets. It is a natural and effective way to living pain free without the use of drugs and is safe and effective for people of all ages.

Visit UpperCervicalCare.com for more information.