New Software from General Life Care - Agency Recruiting Assistant

April 22, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Agency Recruiting Assistant (ARA) is a new web-based software application that supports medical recruiting and open medical job postings throughout the U.S.

Medical Professionals seeking a job change or needing to relocate can search the site for open positions meeting their criteria. They can then request more information about a position that appeals to them or post their requirements and requirements to be checked daily for new job openings that come close to or fit those requirements.

This system collects information from individuals wanting to be considered for various medical positions throughout the U.S. If no current opportunity exists, the information remains on the secured confidential data base constantly checking new job postings for a match in credentials, location and type of environment. When a match occurs, an automatic email is sent to the candidate letting him/her know of the opportunity.

ARA allows clients to log onto system with proper authorization and post open positions as they become available. They can also modify and deactivate them upon fulfillment.

No more searching for misfiled agreements from Clients and candidates as this system has the capability to upload scanned documents for reprint, viewing or referral at a later date.

ARA keeps tract of all activities between client and candidate allowing you to know when initial information about candidate was sent to client all through the process to final outcome of relationship between candidate, agency, and the client. Once a candidate is placed, the system can generate a billing, which can include any additional expenses to be recouped per agreement with your client.

For Candidates that are placed by your agency, there are automatic e-mails that get sent out to keep in touch, (at specified frequencies), so if they have a change of direction in the future regarding the position they are currently working in, they will be reminded to turn to your agency for assistance again when they are ready to move on to another employer.

Mass loading of open physicians, nursing, therapy, dentistry, pharmacy and other medical positions to other advertising locations with respondents directed to your contact information. A great option for even greater exposure to your job postings.

To find out more about Agency Recruiting Assistant and for more information about how this system can make your operation more effective and efficient, contact Lee Rosewitz at (469) 835-6354. Also, visit our Web site at and request a demo. It doesn't cost anything but a little bit of your time to find out what these systems can do for your company.