Everlast Eyewear & Sunwear Launches in Europe this May 4th-7th in Milan, Italy

April 23, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Everlast Sunwear & Eyewear to Launch at MIDO. The long awaited European launch of Everlast Sunwear & Eyewear will be released at MIDO by Optimate, in the US Pavilion, Hall3/M21, this upcoming May 4th-7th 2007.

OPTIMATE, INC. of ARCADIA, CA, has just announced the European launch of its Everlast licensed eyewear and sunwear collection at MIDO this upcoming May 4th-7th 2007.

The licensed eyewear and sunwear collection will reflect our value of innovation, quality, styling, and commitment to our customers. Everlast has done an excellent job of building a line of world-renowned products that have exceeded consumers’ performance expectations for almost a hundred years; they are truly “The Choice of Champions.” Everlast’s reputation and overwhelming brand recognition, not only in the world of boxing but in the minds, bodies and souls of all who wish to push it to the limit will be a key component in Optimate’s approach to design, styling, quality, marketing and brand presence in today’s ever evolving marketplace.”

About Everlast Eyewear and Sunwear——

The Everlast Eyewear and Sunwear collection will build on the company’s heritage of durable craftsmanship and ingenuity, with a strong emphasis on technology and today’s progressive fashion. The collection will be designed to exceed the eyewear buyer’s quality, performance, style and reliability needs. Wearable, fashion-forward, hi-tech modern looks round out the collection and are incorporated in every design.

The Sun Collection will include:

13 Injection Styles, available in 4-6 colors, 2 lens styles that include all the top coatings such as PC polarized lenses, UV, AR, Flash Mirror and more.

7 Hot Aluminum Styles available in 3 colors with TAC - Tri-Acetate Polarized lenses.

6 Monel & Handmade Italian Acetate Styles, with PC and PC polarized lenses and Nylon Injection polarized lenses, also known as Polymite Lenses.

The Ophthalmic Collection will include an array of colorful Aluminums, Monels and Acetates in a unique style that is totally Everlast.

All styles include a logoed hard case, logoed cleaning pouch, logoed gift box and a logoed gift bag. A variety of POP and displays are available.

Joseph De Marzio, Optimate Director of Marketing, stated that: “Everlast’s reputation for offering high-quality, innovative, technologically advanced, sports related products with durable features and extreme styling makes the extension into eyewear and sunwear for consumers of all ages a natural brand extension. We are honored to partner with the brand experts at Everlast and extremely encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response we have received from the optical and sunglass marketplace thus far.

About Optimate, Inc. ——

The collection is designed and created by Optimate, a leading supplier of eyewear and sunwear made for men and women of all ages. Its perpetually best-selling Amadeus®, Baron®, Broadway® and HEAT® Eyewear and Sunwear Collections as well as Information about Optimate, Inc., a top U.S. supplier of quality eyewear, is available at www.optimateinc.com

Interested Distributors, Retailers and Independent Sales Reps interested in learning about the launch as well as the opportunities associated with this exciting new brand of eyewear, sunwear and sports sunwear should call Joe De Marzio at 1 (800) 387-8877 as soon as possible.

About Everlast Worldwide Inc.

Everlast Worldwide Inc. manufactures, markets and licenses sporting goods, apparel and active lifestyle products under the Everlast brand name. Since 1910, Everlast has been the preeminent brand in the world of boxing and is among the most dominant brands in the overall sporting goods and apparel industries. Over the past 96 years, Everlast products have become the “Choice of Champions™”, having been used for training and professional fights by many of the biggest names in the sport. Everlast is the market leader in nearly all of its product categories, responsible for leading eight of the top ten boxing equipment products in sales. In addition to producing and marketing boxing equipment and accessories, Everlast Worldwide Inc. licenses its brand to providers of men’s and women’s sportswear and active wear, children’s wear, footwear, watches, cardiovascular exercise equipment and gym/duffel bags. At the retail level, Everlast’s licensed products generate over $700 million in revenues. The company’s Web site can be found at http://www.everlast.com