LearningRx Seeks To Improve The Nation's Report Card

April 23, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Colorado Springs, Colorado LearningRx is seeking to improve The Nation's Report Card by educating the public on weak cognitive skills and how they are the underlying cause of most learning disabilities. The National Assessment of Educational Progress puts out this study called The Nation's Report Card on a regular basis. It is known as the only representative and continuing assessment of what America's students know and can do in various subject areas like reading, math, and writing.

A recent study showed that 76 percent of all high school seniors graduate below the standards for writing. In math only 29 percent of eighth graders are adequate, and in reading more than
two-thirds of America's fourth graders are reading below grade level. "The reading and learning situation in schools in every state across the United States is in crisis," says Dr. Ken Gibson, CEO and Founder of LearningRx and author of Unlocking The Einstein Inside. "Evidence for this crisis comes in many forms including the functional illiteracy of half of all unemployed individuals, the fact that two out of five school-aged children are poor readers, and that 60% of the unemployed lack the basic skills the majority of vacant high tech jobs require."

With over 20 years of research LearningRx, www.learningrx.com, has identified the main cause of learning issues within our country. "All results continue to point to weak cognitive skills as being a big reason for the educational struggle in America", says Gibson. He indicated that cognitive skills are not to be confused with academic skills. Cognitive skills are the mental capabilities that one needs to successfully learn academic subjects. These skills often go unnoticed by most people, but underlying weak cognitive skills are the cause of learning disabilities most of the time. Studies prove that 80% of all learning and reading problems are there as a result of weak underlying cognitive skills. "The skills are what we use to retain information; process, analyze, and store facts and feelings; and create mental pictures, read words, and understand concepts," added Gibson.

LearningRx has developed unique and proven training programs that help identify and strengthen weak cognitive learning skills. For more information on these programs and to locate a LearningRx learning center near you visit www.learningrx.com.