Never pay money to recieve junk mails.

June 28, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
I think, Most of the domainers, traffic seekers, internet marketers have tried safelists and have experienced that they get nothing except Huge Junks of mails in their inbox for the amount they have paid.

Most of these safelist providers also have an ad in their site
"Tired of full email boxes. Auto Schedule your Mail box to delete emails every hour without even logging into your email account with our professional auto email deletion service"
and they provide us an email (for some money of course) which will delete all incoming mails at frequent intervals!.

So you are paying to send mails/ads which gets auto deleted or deleted by the users themselves without even seeing the subject.

So if you are new to internet marketing,
"Never go for safelist. They are not effective"

The second point is, we always love to send mails only to prospective buyers, But in safelists you send mails only to similar web marketers like you which is less or not at all effective.
So better stay away from safelists.

The whole structure of safelists comes likes this:
1) You pay money
2) You sucessfully have activated the arrival of junk mails.
3) You recieve junk mails
4) You start sending ads
5) Your co-members(Other marketers in the safelist) starts recieving your ad
6) Their email service(the emails which they have purchsed to auto delete the mails/ads they recieve) starts deleting the mails.
7) Your money is successfully deleted!!.

Never pay money to recieve junk mails.

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