Remove My Man Boobs Dot Com Pleads For Your Help

April 27, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Dubbed "Mr Man Boobs", a 21 year old male suffering from a condition called Gynecomastia (excess breast tissue in males) has set up a unique website where the public can help him "remove his man boobs" by donating a total of $5,000 to pay for his surgery.

It's crazy, a bit "out there" but a genius idea! is one of the most interesting websites as of late.

A 21 year old male from Australia who goes by the name of "Mr Man Boobs" has set up a donation website where he asks the public to donate money for an operation to remove his larger than normal breasts.

The website contains pictures of his body as well as a progress bar which displays how much money has been donated, as well as a captivating story of the pain and emotions one can face while suffering from the condition (known as Gynecomastia).

Whether or not he will raise the $5,000 is unknown, however it definitely is worth a look (and read) and it must be said that "Mr Man Boobs" has shown a lot of courage and determination to set up the website.

Will he make the $5,000? Let's hope so, because it really is for a good cause. You can visit the site at