Rosen Law Firm Offers Clients Research-Based Psychological PC Game for Children

April 28, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
April 2007 — Raleigh, N.C.-Rosen Law Firm, one of the largest divorce firms in the state, now offers its clients and their children a new therapeutic resource, Earthquake in Zipland by Zipland Interactive Ltd. It’s the first research-based psychological computer game aimed at helping children ages 7-13 cope with divorce.

“We’ve already worked with several clients who’ve used the game with their children,’’ says Lee Rosen, a board certified family law specialist and president of Rosen Law Firm. “ When parents split, they often find themselves in challenging situations on how to communicate with their kids and Earthquake in Zipland provides them with a unique tool.”

Through the main character, Moose, the game takes children and their parents on an interactive, exploratory quest where they face challenging tasks that uncover emotions including anger, loneliness, and conflicts surround loyalty. The game is designed to help children better cope with their parent’s separation through improving their communication skills.

“This is a tool that recently separated or divorced parents can utilize in effectively guiding their children through a smooth transition,” says Jennifer Coleman, life transition coach with Rosen Law Firm and a national certified counselor with a background in marriage and family counseling. “Children will have fun playing this interactive game while addressing some of the emotional issues they face concerning their parents’ divorce.”

Earthquake in Zipland is based on techniques and insights drawn from a variety of fields including clinical psychology, family counseling, and child and divorce/separation therapy.

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Zipland Interactive is in the process of developing other high quality edutainment computer games, aimed at helping children deal with common emotional and psychological issues in day to day life. The combination of the two different fields within the group - psychology and game play - has helped to produce a unique approach that is both entertaining and effective. For more information visit:

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