Slipstreamz Releases its Second Cycling Earwear Product, the “Spoiler”

May 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
MORNINGSIDE, South Africa – May 2007 – Slipstreamz, a South Africa-based manufacturer of innovative cycling earwear products, today announced the release of the Spoiler, a thin, plastic deflector that attaches to a cyclist’s helmet strap to reduce ear-damaging air turbulence. The Spoiler follows the Slip as the second innovative cycling earwear product offered by Slipstreamz.

Slipstreamz debuted a prototype of the Spoiler at the 2006 Interbike International Expo in Las Vegas, Nev. Based on feedback received during the show, Slipstreamz has revised the Spoiler design to increase its effectiveness and ease of attachment. This included the introduction of integrated clips that help easily mount the Spoiler to the front straps of any helmet. Once attached, the Spoiler’s design shapes the straps into unobtrusive wind deflectors that reduce harsh airflow over the ear.

“The Spoiler is a natural follow-up to the Slip,” said Lonnie Tiegs, president and chief executive officer of Slipstreamz. “Many of our customers appreciated the air flow noise reducing properties of our original product, but wanted something even slimmer or weren’t interested in listening to music while riding. The Spoiler gives cyclists the much-needed protection in a smaller, sleeker option.”

Introduced in 2006, Slipstreamz’s the Slip reduces wind noise and allows cyclists to safely listen to music while riding, as well as important ambient sounds (i.e. approaching cars, conversations with fellow cyclists, etc.). The introduction of the Spoiler brings the company back to its simple goal and solution of reducing ear-damaging wind noise while riding.

The Spoiler retails for $4.50 (US) / $5.50 (Canada) / 3.70 Euros / GBP2.50 (UK) / AUD6.30 (Australasia) plus shipping and handling and is available for purchase at

For distributorship opportunities please e-mail Lonnie Tiegs at or call +

Slipstreamz is also working with helmet OEM’s with the goal of offering the Spoiler pre-installed, and announcement regarding this will be made shortly.

About Slipstreamz
Formed in 2004 by Lonnie Tiegs, Slipstreamz is based in South Africa where Tiegs resides and created a new form of earwear for cyclists. As an experienced road and mountain cyclist of more than 15 years, Tiegs, President and CEO of Slipstreamz, began experiencing noise-induced fatigue and increased tinnitus during and after riding. Inspired by this annoyance, Tiegs developed two products offered under the Slipstreamz brand name, the Slip and the Spoiler. Both products attach to the front straps of a cyclists helmet to help reduce the damaging effects of airflow noise on the ear while riding, as well as important ambient sounds (i.e. approaching cars, conversations with fellow cyclists, etc.). For more information about Slipstreamz and its products, please visit