LearningRx Educates on Importance of Proper Interpretation of IQ and Achievement Test Results

May 02, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Colorado Springs, Colorado – LearningRx has research results with over 15,000 students which points out the importance of properly interpreting IQ and achievement test results. LearningRx Founder and CEO Dr. Ken Gibson notes that the misuse of the testing results from either test can be detrimental to the student. "For a child to receive help that is both positive and permanent, the test outcomes must be properly understood," said Gibson. His company helps parents and students understand the underlying causes of learning issues.

Many people are aware that an IQ test measures cognitive mental skills and basic processing ability, and an achievement test measures how well a student is performing in academic subjects such as math, history, or science. The problem is that IQ tests measure “overall intelligence" by lumping a variety of tests into one general final test score or result. This does not show the score for each individual skill. "In fact, an average or above average IQ score may result in the misleading assumption that all the underlying mental skills required for good learning or reading are actually high," adds Gibson.

LearningRx is quick to point out that these IQ scores often mask or overlook learning problems which deserve more specific attention. Even a student with a high IQ score can still lack the cognitive skills necessary to excel in a particular area. The achievement tests only show how a student is performing in academic subjects, and does not show any progress or decline in cognitive abilities. "With these general scores it can be difficult to really help a student because these tests don't show the detail picture like a cognitive skills test would," said Gibson.

LearningRx takes a cognitive based approach to their testing and training programs geared towards helping students overcome learning disabilities and improve in their academic lives. For more information on these programs and to locate a LearningRx learning center near you visit www.learningrx.com.