LearningRx Announces Most Important Cognitive Skills for Success

May 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Colorado Springs, Colorado LearningRx has proven through documented research of over 15,000 students the most important cognitive skills necessary for success. The company's research broadly categorizes the critical skills as attention, working memory, processing speed, long-term memory, visual processing, auditory processing, and logic and reasoning. They also point out that these skills often overlap in their work with other skills as the mind processes and acts on the information it receives. LearningRx specializes in helping students overcome common learning disabilities by taking a cognitive-based approach.

"Strong cognitive skills are essential for quality learning. They are not to be confused with academic skills like reading, writing, and arithmetic," says Dr. Ken Gibson Founder and CEO of LearningRx (www.learningrx.com) and author of Unlock The Einstein Inside. "It is important for struggling students to be tested for weak cognitive skills."

Specialized testing is required to help students pinpoint potentially weak cognitive skills. A cognitive based approach works best because it targets the problem, and in turn the student will see an improvement on the academic side of things because comprehension and studying will be much easier. "This will lead to a lifetime of learning success," added Gibson. Once a student has been tested a unique plan for strengthening the weak cognitive skills is put into place. This plan will include exercises and tutoring that will ensure success for the student if followed properly.

LearningRx takes a cognitive based approach to their testing and training programs geared towards helping students overcome learning disabilities and improve in their academic lives. For more information on these programs and to locate a LearningRx learning center near you visit www.learningrx.com.