3 Months Challenge To Improve EyeSight

May 05, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Energie Eyecare, launched EyeRelax Challenge at LOHAS Health Show organized by LianHeZaoBao, Singapore¡¯s most respected Chinese newspaper. Participants whose eyesight show the most improvement over a period of 3 months will win $888 cash. The challenge was met with overwhelming response from the public.

EyeRelax, is a novel treatment for preventing the progression of myopia, and presbyopia or adult reading problems. It is useful for both children and adults.

¡°It is our intent through this competition, to educate the public that with proper eyecare management, and the assistance of a safe technology such as EyeRelax, it is possible to improve our eyesight in a healthy way, with no surgery nor drug.¡± Said Mr Chua, the senior manager of Energie EyeCare. Singapore is known as the myopic capital of the world, with up to 86% of students becoming myopic, by 18 years old.

Patients looking down the scope of EyeRelax, for 5 minutes in each treatment. Users will experience a gradual improvement to their eyesight with persistent use. Based on European research on biospectrum and visual fields, it works on improving the healthy function of the eyes by training the eyes¡¯ accommodation system, and improving the retinal activity, enhancing the interaction between the eyes and the visual cerebral cortex. EyeRelax has won many international awards, winning both the most prestigious Gold Medal and Creative Award at International Invention and Innovation Exposition.

EyeRelax is marketed at $680.00 and is available at major optometrists and pharmacies around Singapore. EyeRelax has also received significant interest from potential distributors around the world.

Parties interested in finding out more on EyeRelax should contact industry@eyecollege.com.

Energie Eyecare Group is Asia¡¯s leading eyecare management group. It currently has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

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