Frazee Nuclear Inks Marketing Deal For Web Based CardiacQA ICANL Compliance Software

May 04, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Frazee Nuclear (The Frazee Group, LLC) a national provider of Accreditation Consulting services for Nuclear Cardiology and PET facilities announced that a deal has been struck to market and promote a brand new, web-based software package that streamlines data collection for ICANL accreditation and provides assurance of compliance for ICANL accreditation. The program is unique and unlike anything else on the market” said David Frazee, President of Frazee Nuclear, based out of Cleveland, Ohio, “it also has a component that can virtually replace transcription services for Nuclear Cardiology procedures.”

Using physician specific report templates a study can be completed in less than two minutes while the study is being reviewed. “This translates into immediate savings from the moment it is used, and savings increase considerably with higher patient volume” stated Frazee, who predicts “this software will completely re-invent and streamline the way Nuclear Cardiology offices operate! Report turnaround issues will be completely eliminated, interpretations are always in an ICANL acceptable format, and completed reports can be auto faxed to referring physicians immediately after signature.”

The user friendly web based software was developed in-house by Nuclear Medicine Technologists, familiar with the Nuclear Cardiology field. It was constructed initially as a record keeping component to make ICANL compliance easier, and it has continued to grow with new features and continuous improvements. Being web based, new software features can be rolled out to benefit all users instantaneously.

The next major addition is a health physics package that incorporates all radioactive material receipts, wipe tests, camera QC and more, to be input to an easily accessible database. It has a built in Nuclear Medicine versus Cardiac Catheterization correlation package, that quickly tracks and prints reports with tables and percentages on accuracy. Another great and unique feature is the automatic generation of a Quality Assurance meeting agenda and minutes, including all of the necessary categories required to be compliant with the ICANL. It even generates and tracks patient and physician satisfaction surveys, and allows all lab policies and procedures to be placed online.

FrazeeNuclear is currently scheduling 30 minute online test drives of this user friendly software, because “seeing is believing”. “You really need to have a hands-on experience with this incredible software to truly appreciate it,” says Frazee, “then you will walk away with a much better understanding of the numerous features, and benefits. Once you use this web based system, I am betting, like me, you will wonder how you ever operated with out it!”
David Frazee, MS, CRA, CNMT is President of the Frazee Group LLC, the parent company of Frazee Nuclear. Website can be found at e-mail:

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