Red rice yeast the natural way to lower high cholesterol.

May 06, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
San Clemente, CA May 2007 - To date, about or greater than 50 million American adults have blood cholesterol levels high enough to require medical advice and treatment and continuously counting, more than 90 million adults have cholesterol levels that are higher than what is desired.

A main concern of those trying to lower cholesterol levels for good health was the side effects and dangers of statin drugs. HealthyChoiceNaturals a trusted provider of natural alternatives to prescription drugs found in their research that red rice yeast provided results in lowering bad cholesterol, while increasing good cholesterol.

The question to go natural in combating high cholesterol is no longer a difficult one to answer. More than 100 million prescriptions are written for LDL lowering statin drugs annually. With the array of negative side effects of these often dangerous drugs, solving your cholesterol problem naturally may be a far wiser decision.

The Hong Qu or the red rice yeast is one good example of a natural cholesterol combatant. The Food and Drugs Administration believes that this natural substance originating from China can indeed inhibit cholesterol building in the human body. The Monacolin-K component found in red rice yeast is acting as the inhibitor of the enzyme known as HMG-Coa reductase, which acts as the cholesterol trigger. As a matter of fact, with the conclusion of the 12-week study conducted at the UCLA School of Medicine, where respondents were randomly receiving an amount of red yeast rice, the study has arrived at the following benefits that the human heart can receive from using this natural substance.

There was a significant reduction in the total cholesterol levels; there was a lower level of LDL or the commonly termed "bad" cholesterol; there was an increase in the HDL level known as the "good" cholesterol; and it reduced the level of unhealthy fats called triglycerides. The study showed that the red rice yeast appeared to be restricting the liver's production of cholesterol. The compound responsible for this effect is chemically similar to the cholesterollowering compound lovastatin.

The unsaturated fatty acids found to present in the red yeast rice extract are also found to be useful to lower down the level of triglycerides.

The red yeast rice extract may help mitigate heart disease occurrences and their associated complications because of its effects in decreasing cholesterolcontent in the human body.

New developments will be expected about the wonders of this natural element in the coming years.

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