Rainstorm and Broken Tent Spur New SUV Camping Product

May 09, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
How did an unexpected rain storm lead to an idea for a new SUV camping product?

"It all came down to necessity," says Magna-Screen inventor Jeffrey Gray. "Some ideas are born of an immediate need and this is one of them. I was camping here in Virginia and it started to rain. I moved to zip the tent closed and the whole thing came apart. I had to make a run for my SUV”

“Sleeping in the vehicle turned out to be problematic. With the windows cracked I was swarmed by mosquitoes. With the window closed it was stifling. I realized that I needed something to put over the window to solve the problem.” Returning home, Mr. Gray was amazed to find that no such product existed.

"It was like in a cartoon when the little light bulb goes off over a person's head. I just couldn't believe they weren't already available. So, my wife broke out the sewing machine and I went and bought the parts. Two years and a self-education in patenting, manufacturing and marketing finally bring us to this point," added Mr. Gray.

Simplicity and Durability:

The appeal of the Magna-Screen is its simplicity. Just roll down the rear side window of most SUVs and place the Magna-Screen over the window where it sticks to the side of the vehicle. The Magna-Screen is very pliable, easily stored and is made of durable nylon and mosquito netting. Currently, Magna-Screens come in one size that fits a wide variety of SUVs.

Greater Comfort than the Cold Ground:

Some campgrounds are crowded, and in others the ground can be like concrete. Magna-Screen helps the camper get up off the cold ground and rest in the greater comfort of a vehicle. Anytime one needs ventilation but doesn't want bugs he or she can stick on a Magna-Screen and stretch out in back for a nap.

The patent pending Magna-Screen is in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Visit the Web site at http://www.MagnaScreen.com to find additional information.