Wheelhouse Responsible Business Masterclasses Announced

May 18, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Wheelhouse, experts in coaching and training for responsible business and risk readiness, announce that bookings are now being taken for their highly sought after Responsible Business Masterclasses, run in conjunction with Middlesex University. Spaces are available for 25 and 26 September 2007.

The Responsible Business Masterclass is for those who want to know what CSR really means; what it can really deliver; how to link it to business objectives; how to embed CSR and integrate it into business; as well as how to identify what the issues will be in five years time.

The Masterclass is aimed at Board Members, CSR Committees, Company Secretaries, managers and business owners involved in any aspect of responsible business. The Masterclass enables participants to truly understand how they ‘fit’ both personally within their job remit and the wider context of their business. It also provides an insight into the current CSR issues and how to embed it in organisations and link to business objectives.

Participants in Wheelhouse’s Responsible Business Masterclasses benefit from the unique mixture of having their individual agenda setting the day, networking and sharing experience with like minded individuals from industry and interaction with experts in the field.

Secure your place on a Responsible Business Masterclass today by contacting Neela Bettridge on 020 8840 4450 or at neelab@wheelhousecoaching.com.

What is responsible business?
Responsible Business is:
• An ability to recognise that a company’s activities have a wide impact on society; and those developments in society, in turn, impact on the company’s ability to pursue its business successfully
• Active management of the economic, social, environmental and human rights impact of activities both locally and across the world, generating benefits for its own operations and reputation as well as for the communities in which it operates

Responsible Business (sometimes referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility) – is fast moving up corporate agendas as tomorrow’s business climate promises to be a very different environment. We can already see attitudes towards corporate and social responsibility directly affecting business value. Shareholders continue to question standards of corporate governance and a new breed of leaders and managers are deploying their skills for social and public benefit.

Interested in finding a more effective way of embedding responsible business (CSR) practices in your organisation but not sure what to do and where to start? Need to enhance the leadership and performance skills in your senior management team? Want some information on how to align the values of your organisation with the individuals within it? Need practical examples of how other companies have used coaching, training and facilitation to achieve sustainable business success? Wheelhouse can help you.
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