Health & Beauty Awards Winner Goes to Energie EyeCare A Second Time

May 19, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Energie EyeRelax won the Health & Beauty Awards 2007 (Health Equipment Category) again, witness by the health & beauty industry leaders! The Oscars of the local health and beauty retail industry is presented by Guardian, Asia's largest pharmacy chain.

Energie EyeRelax, an international award winning novel treatment for preventing the progression of myopia, and presbyopia or adult reading problems. Patients look down the scope of EyeRelax for 5 minutes at each treatment. Users will experience a gradual improvement to their eyesight with persistent use.

"Energie Eyecare is honored to receive this award a second year. It is a great satisfaction to our whole team. Not only has EyeRelax helped many children to improve their eyesight and control myopia progression; adults are using EyeRelax too to improve their eyesight, especially for those experience reading problems.? Adults whom reach 40 years old of age commonly suffers from presbyopia as their crystalline optic lens becomes less flexible.

23 companies were awarded amongst the more than a hundred nominees received. This award was organized by Guardian, SE Asia's largest pharmacy chain Guardian to recognize industry leaders. The awards ceremony was attended by whos-who in the health & beauty industry, amongst which representatives from Advanced Medical Optics, L'Oreal and Gillette.

"Pro-health corporations is beginning to purchase EyeRelax for use at the company, especially IT programmers whose work requires them to stare at the computer screen for long hours. This is a great staff benefit to have.?

Energie EyeCare works closely with schools and corporates on their active myopia management programmes on a purely community basis. To date, more than 5,000 children has benefited from it. Amongst the schools that has gone through the programme are :

(a) CHIJ (Katong) Primary School
(b) Ai Tong Primary School
(c) Si Ling Primary School
(d) Zhonghua Primary School
(e) Stamford Primary School

About Energie EyeRelax

Based on European research on biospectrum and visual fields, it works on improving the healthy function of the eyes by training the eyes?accommodation system, and improving the retinal activity, enhancing the interaction between the eyes and the visual cerebral cortex. EyeRelax has won many international awards, winning both the most prestigious Gold Medal and Creative Award at International Invention and Innovation Exposition.

A amblyopic version is available that accelerate the recovery of amblyopic patients. Each treatment of 10 minutes works to excites the neuro-visual system, thereby aiding in the development of the visual-neuro pathway. The conventional method for amblyopia or lazy eye treatment is to patch the good eye and force the affected eye to work. Pilot studies conducted have shown that using EyeRelax amblyopia will quicken the time required to recover compared to conventional patching.

EyeRelax is marketed at $680.00 and is available at major ophthalmologist, optometrists and pharmacies chain.

About Energie EyeCare Group

Energie Eyecare Group is Asia’s leading eyecare management group. It currently has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

Energie EyeCare has received significant interest from potential distributors around the world. Parties interested in finding out more on EyeRelax should contact