Fabulous 150 Sought for Tuition Free Online Education

May 22, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
(Washington DC May 22, 2007) — DiUlus Institute & University is recruiting 150 distance learner scholars from member nations of the UN. The University offers the scholars a tuition free e-education. It is being made available to scholars who otherwise might never have the opportunity to attend college due to distance, work commitments, and/or financial circumstance.

University builder Global Academy Online, Inc. created and designed the University to be a 21st century online e-education powerhouse with cutting edge virtual environments. It included in the development a patent pending self-accreditation system that rivals the strictest interpretations of rigor in academia and flaunts a world-class faculty who are among the leaders and experts in e-education today.

“The faculty volunteers come from our pool of Academy faculty and they vie for the privilege to work in this pro bono environment’, says Fred DiUlus, CEO of Global Academy Online. “Voluntary teaching at our Incubator University gives our faculty a chance to help make a great contribution and enhance their own notoriety along the way.” DiUlus suggests these contributions will be researched, written about, and significantly impact the way things are done online and in e-education for years to come.

The grandson of the man the university is named, DiUlus points to the Academy’s faculty for its inspiration. “This special University is a synergistic reality of seasoned and expert educators seeking the Holy Grail of online e-education. The University is truly their brainchild.” He goes on to say, “These men and women want an outlet to showcase their research in online e-education delivery and they are willing to contribute time, talent, and treasure to see it accomplished.”

Screening of applicants for inclusion in the fabulous 150 has already begun.