Great News From Richard MacKenzie

May 22, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Richard MacKenzie has grown in to one of Britainís most favourite hypnotherapistís, with thousands being helped the world over via his best-selling book and amazing MP3 download series. He regularly gets asked to do interviews with national and international magazines and radio stations. In fact Ė just spending ten minutes on Google searching for the term Ďhypnosisí, will have you stumbling over him and information on him everywhere.

And as if that wasnít enoughÖ

Great news echoed from Richard MacKenzie Europe ltd this week with the launch of an impressive new site that has all of Richardís products all in one place. The new site is called RichardMacKenzieDirect and offers many solutions, including Stopping Smoking, Insomnia, Impotence, Jealousy, Anger and Stress Management, Premature Ejaculation, Fear of Flying, Nail Biting, Panic Attacks, Depression, Procrastination, Motivation, Fibromyalgia, Public Speaking and many more…

The websites range Ė full of products that have been fully researched and professionally produced Ė covers so many issues that you will probably find everything that you need, just at the click of a mouse.

Hypnosis is so successful for dealing with many issues Ė often where nothing else has worked, and Richardís unique approach is easy and inspiring to follow, which makes his downloadable programs your best chance at success. Getting the results that you want is just around the corner at