Brand-New-Launched UrFly.Com Travel Blog Builds Backpacker Society Drive

June 15, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Bangkok, June 15, 2007 – UrFly.Com, a brand new site providing free travel focused blog and society emerging with hope to be one of top personal travel sources worldwide.

UrFly was set up in Nov 2006 in Bangkok with a small group of Thai blood travel lovers' intention of getting people together to share their personal travel experiences and recommendations. UrFly members could be writers, readers, expert travel consultants, etc.

“Being UrFly member, people can write what they love about their travel destinations, what they don’t like about them, what impresses them the most, how their journey home is, and romantic moments during the trip, etc. It’s all simply about stating their recollections”. Pichayanee, UrFly.Com Founder mentioned.

More than travel blog, members can join UrFly travel forum which is bundled in their account access. Backpackers are UrFly target market because not only they can exchange their personal travel info, but also, they can search for more than 10,000 hostels worldwide at UrFly hostel search page.

“With, simplicity is UrFly basis. We identify UrFly with light blue, sky, planes, pleasure, and simplicity. We believe in the happiness you gained from any place you flew to and we say go ‘FLY’ there if you want to” Pichayanee added.

UrFly.Com is the first international travel focused blog and society among the Thai E-Commerce industry. It is not planned to be promoted nationwide but worldwide. UrFly team looks forward to ICT and TAT - Travel Authority of Thailand support to drive Thai E-Commerce entrepreneurs to globally stand well in the (Tourism) Internet world market.