A Book on Detox Diet Plans and Recipes Reveals The Secrets To Getting Rid Of Many Health Symptoms

May 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Detox Diet Secrets, an ebook, is recently launched to educate readers about the importance of cleansing. It is intended for those who find no relief from taking OTC or drug medications for their symptoms. Detox Diet Secrets reveals a step by step and yet flexibile program that readers can easily put together, depending on the type of symptom that they wish to target.

A new book, Detox Diet Secrets, is recently launched in the wake of rising incidences of health issues and symptoms. It is intended to educate its readers on the ills of having a toxic body and how to go about planning a detox diet program that aids in the removal of toxic waste from the body.

Conventionally, most people take OTC or prescription drugs for their symptoms. These symptoms include constipation, gas, bloating, frequent headaches, constant fatigue, aches and pain, bad breath and skin disorders. However, drugs are mainly symptomatic treatments. As they do not deal with the real cause of the problems, the symptoms never really go away. In addition, drugs can also add to the toxic load that is already in the body, causing the disease or illness.

According to Sandra Kim Leong, the author of the book, toxins enter the body via various sources; through the air, water, food, chemicals, toxic metals and also via stress. If the toxins are allowed to accumulate in the body and do not get eliminated, the result is an overloaded and stressed out body which will continue to show symptoms of not being well.

Detox Diet Secrets helps readers deal with the root cause of their symptoms. It reveals a step-by-step and flexible program that readers can also help put together. For instance, sections on removing toxins from smoking and on stopping a sugar addiction are covered. There are also plenty of easy detox diet recipes and meal plans for reference.

Often enough, people who are new to detox diet programs find it hard to go through complete fasts or not eat for a few days. The program designed in Detox Diet Secrets tries to make it as easy as possible for successful cleansing; and at the same time, with results that are just as remarkable. Readers are not required to do complete fasts. They continue to get enough nutritional support during the program.

Detox Diet Secrets is only available via the web. Currently, it is offered as an instant downloadable book. For more details, please visit http://www.DetoxDietSecrets.com rightaway.