Positive Changes Hypnosis Center Offers New Approach to Personal Growth and Behavior Change

May 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Transformation is underway in Chicago. Clients come to Positive Changes Hypnosis Center Chicago to lose weight, stop smoking, change a habit, or improve some other area of their life. Programs combine hypnosis with powerful personal coaching to help clients achieve their goals. Now, the center has added a new element: Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. EFT clears away emotional issues and provides relief from physical ailments.

The theory behind EFT derives from time-honored Eastern healing techniques and Alfred Einstein’s discovery that everything is energy. Everything — including human bodies. Accordingly, EFT is based on the idea that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption of the body’s energy system.

So how does the technique work? One stimulates energy meridian points on the body by tapping on them with fingertips, restoring balance in the body’s energy.

Positive Changes Chicago clients are tapping for weight loss, stress relief, and pain reduction. They’re sometimes amazed to discover that the process reduces and even eliminates emotional baggage they may have been carrying for years. Imagine the relief when one is freed from old anger, fear, or loneliness!

Positive Changes EFT practitioner Karen Hand says “EFT very often works where nothing else has! And the relief is felt instantly.”

And no less an authority on personal development than Dr. Deepak Chopra says, “EFT offers great healing benefit.”

Joan Brunwasser worked with Hand at the Chicago center, applying EFT to her frequent feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed. After just one session, Brunwasser says, she found that for the first time in her life, she was able to prepare for Passover without the usual upset. In fact, she was surprised to find that she was “not a nervous wreck at all.”

And if she was delighted with the change, the rest of the Brunwasser family was certainly happy too. She reports that her son told her, “You’re really different.”

Brunwasser continues to use the tapping technique to eliminate nervousness about public speaking, to ease stressful situations, and even to reduce physical discomfort – not only her own, but also her children’s!

EFT has the advantage of being quick – and you can do it anywhere. Brunwasser says, “I do my best tapping in the shower! I like to multi-task.”

EFT helped Maria Sanabria overcome negative emotions connected with a specific relative. She says she was “stressed out completely” when the person visited; she’d “feel overwhelmed and unfriendly,” and her blood pressure soared.

After her EFT session Sanabria was amazed to find that she had no negative feelings toward the individual at all. In fact, during the next visit, she says, “I felt calm, and happy, actually.”

And that new sense of peace has remained with her during subsequent encounters with the previously stress-provoking family member.

One of the wonderful things about EFT is exactly that – the changes that clients experience with this technique are long-lasting. And they go beyond changes in emotion.

Headaches, back pains and other physical problems improve. Hand explains, “I worked with one client recently who suffered from pain due to a bone spur in her heel. She could feel the pain when she walked, when she moved her foot and even when she had no pressure on it at all. Just one round of tapping cleared the pain when she was sitting, another round cleared it for movement and then she tried walking and found there was no discomfort at all. I tried it on my own carpal tunnel pain and numbness and it cleared without the need for braces, shots or surgery.”

EFT is an invaluable addition to the Positive Changes weight loss program because most overweight people have been using food to tranquilize emotions. Neutralizing those negative emotions eliminates the need to overeat, so clients can reach and maintain a healthy, comfortable weight.

Hand explains, “We have weight loss clients who had no idea what caused their bingeing at night in front of the TV. For many, just one round of tapping brought up the trigger that caused the disruption in their energy system so that it could be cleared.”

From overweight to addictions to physical pain … the Emotional Freedom Technique can address them all. Hand is excited about the possibilities for Positive Changes clients. “I’ve seen height phobias vanish, addictive cravings disappear, PTSD and lifelong anxiety simply clear,” she says. “The most interesting thing is, it lasts! The motto of EFT is ‘TRY IT ON EVERYTHING’. And since there are no side effects, it’s painless and it’s quick….why not try it for yourself?!”

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