May 26, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
(Los Angeles, CA) - Be on the lookout this summer for a superhero dressed in tights and a cape protecting the streets of Los Angeles and saving citizens from getting parking tickets. The Meterman Project, a feature documentary chronicling the epidemic of parking tickets in Los Angeles, is in full-swing and has begun preproduction.

Meterman’s mission is to save citizens time, money and frustration by feeding expired meters and saving tickets. The Meterman Project will follow Meterman on his crusade to “Save the world… one meter at a time,” and will reveal how much money the city is really making writing parking tickets. The Meterman Project will give a humorous hands-on look at a problem anyone who has ever tried to park their car in Los Angeles is sure to relate.

Troy Griffin (AKA Meterman) created the character seven years ago while working with student television at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Meterman became a regular character on Random Insanity, a cable access TV show he produced in Chapel Hill. Meterman quickly struck a cord with his audience and received much attention from the local press in North Carolina and even had a mention in SPIN Magazine March 2002. Since moving his crusade to Los Angeles Meterman has been featured on CBS local news, Fox News Cincinnati, Music Plus TV, and was interviewed for The Tonight show with Jay Leno by Ross, The Tonight Show man on the street. “We got so much great footage going out shooting the Meterman segments and the information we uncovered was so overwhelming that the documentary just seemed to be the next logical step,” Griffin said.

The documentary is due to be released in the fall 2007 and Griffin says his goal is to educate and inform people on parking laws and to empower them to help other people, whether it be by feeding an expired meter or by any other random act of kindness.