Proven Manners Program for Children Now Available in the United States

May 25, 2007 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News is pleased to offer parents, educators, and caregivers a toolkit for providing a social foundation built on manners, respect, first impressions, and confidence for children ages 3 to 12.

Lewena Bayer and Karen Mallett, owners and operators of The Civility Group Inc., a successful international etiquette training company, developed the curriculum materials based on hours of research, reading, consultation with parents and teachers, and experience from hands-on sessions with children.

Manners are not just about which fork to use. Manners are about fostering respectfulness and teaching responsibility. Children are most receptive to learning manners between the ages of 3 and 7. Teaching children the rules for social conduct provides them with skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Once children learn basic manners, parents and teachers can build on this understanding to teach children how to behave in a range of social settings, how to manage conflict, and how to show kindness and consideration for others.

The Manners Matter USA training kits provide a simple, straightforward, yet extensive curriculum with lesson plans, activities, and reproducible worksheets tailored to meet the instructor’s needs. These programs are specifically designed to engage young children and hold their attention as they learn proper life skills. No special training is required; simply follow the instructor’s lesson plan.

The “Macaroni and Please” kit is for children from three to seven years old. It is perfect for daycare facilities, providing 30 ten-minute lessons that can easily be expanded into one hour sessions by following the suggested activities. Each lesson includes scripts and informational material, as well as ideas for activities, games, and more. Worksheets and activity pages can be copied for distribution. Lessons include everything from basic manners (making introductions, showing kindness to others, telephone etiquette, self respect, dining skills, thank you notes, etc.) to sleepover and party etiquette.

The “Confidence Is Cool” kit is a comprehensive 40-hour curriculum designed as a training kit for child care providers, educators, and parents. The course is based on The Civility Group’s Confidence Camp. The content is perfect for five full days of summer camp, but it can easily be adapted for short lessons, as well, offering the ultimate in versatility. Content is intended for youths, ages 8 to 12. Topics are organized into five sections: Attaining Confidence, What Does Confidence Look Like, Situational Confidence, Dining and Party Confidence, and a Review section. training materials are an exciting and fun way to help children develop life skills and instill the necessary social confidence needed for them to interact positively with others throughout their lives. As children grow and progress through the lessons, they will see for themselves that Manners Matter in the USA. Visit for more information about etiquette training kits, purchasing a kit, additional materials, and other services.